Tonight was not a very good night… or actually, a really good night depending on how you look at it, seeing how I am sitting at home perfectly fine and in good health. In softball we were pitiful losers in an 18-2 mercy rule defeat before the end of the fifth inning. Yet again, we played one of these great teams that was also super cocky and celebrating and mouthing off… for once could we get destroyed by a team that isn’t a bunch of assholes? Could a team run up the score 20-0 and just be gracious winners, is that too much to ask? At the plate I went 1-2, beating out an infield single and grounding to short.

On the way home, around 9:45, I was cruising down Parmer Lane, not more than a mile from the house, at 60mph. Parmer has 3 lanes in each direction with a big median, and I was in the left lane and there was a car right beside me in the middle lane, and another car a bit further back in the right lane. When all of a sudden, I see a pickup pulling out of an apartment complex and blows through the stop sign, and goes right out into the middle of Parmer with the intent of getting into the median to turn left. How he didn’t see three pairs of headlights coming right at him–or how he thought he had ample time to cross the road–is beyond me. I alertly slammed on the brakes, laid on the horn, and prayed the car came to a stop before crashing into this idiot. It was pretty close. I am lucky I wasn’t another half-second up the road or who knows. But if I was further ahead maybe he would have seen me and not tried to make it across. Or maybe he would have started going across, seen me, realized he wasn’t going to make it, stopped, and the car in the middle lane crashes into him. Many scenarios that could have played out, but thankfully everyone involved was nothing more than a bit shaken up. In the end, it’s just a good reminder to pay very close attention on the road. You can do everything right and obey every law, but you can’t predict what some other stupid F’ing morons are going to do.

Lastly, if there is ever a good day to sit on Twitter, it is the MLB trade deadline. That was an entertaining 7 hours leading up until 3:00.