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Something’s Afoot
When we were in Jamaica in January, I suspect I broke at least one bone in my right foot while playing volleyball. I have never pursued any medical diagnosis, but considering it is only getting more painful, I may soon want to do that. I understood there was virtually nothing that could be done for a single broken bone in the foot, but as long as I’m insured maybe I should check it out.

I wasn’t overly concerned about my foot injury until yesterday when I stepped on a jagged shard of glass while walking barefoot in our apartment that got lodged at least a half-inch into my big right toe. I pulled the glass out and hopped on my left foot to the bathtub, leaving a trail of big drips of blood all across the carpet. Having no medical supplies or even band-aids in the apartment, I wrapped it up in a paper towel and waited for the gushing bleeding to stop. Eventually it stopped, and I was left with more of a hole than a cut on my toe.

It was then that I really began to notice the pain in my foot from the volleyball injury. I must have been favoring one side of my foot, but now I could no longer do that with the cut to the good side. Instead, I am noticeably limping as both sides of my right foot have relatively painful injuries, and I have a very low tolerance for pain. If anyone has an old cane sitting around, I might like to borrow it.

This Year’s Best Pictures
Last year, Lauren and I managed to see four of the five nominees for Best Picture before the Oscars. This year, I’ve seen four, yet I’m not even halfway done now that the field has been expanded to ten nominees.

Last summer we saw Inglourious Basterds, and later we went to Up in the Air. On Sunday we watched the animated Up, and yesterday I watched District 9. Up was a fun, light-hearted, feel-good movie, as most of the computer-animated movies are. Things got a little bizarre when the talking dogs took over. District 9 was one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. I liked how they had this really insane plot with aliens living amongst humans, but right from the start everyone was already accustomed to it and the real story develops 28 years later.

Of the four I’ve seen, I’d say Basterds is my choice for Best Picture, but I wouldn’t be upset to see any of them win. So far they’ve all been very worthy for different reasons.

I’m Worthless! (According to Mint.com)
I have never been very good at keeping track of all my finances, but mint.com does such a great job of laying everything out on one screen. I can see my various checking and savings accounts, my student loan debts, my credit card debts, my 401k portfolio, and properties owned all in once place. Every time you visit the site it automatically logs into each of your accounts and updates with the latest transactions. Taking into consideration all of the money I have and all of the money I owe, my net worth, according to Mint, is… –$3,146.90. It’s mostly one big student loan that’s over $10,000 that needs to be paid off. I think the day that total gets to a positive number, or even zero, I will feel worthwhile.

Congrats, Ahrendts!
I got a call from good college friend Chris Ahrendt on Friday who passed on the news that Carol gave birth to a girl on Tuesday, Feb 9. I believe he said the baby weighed in at 6 lbs., 7 oz. and was given the name Michelle Charity Ahrendt. Chris and Carol, if you’re ever back in South Dakota, I bet my sister would love to photograph the new bundle of joy! It truly is baby season around here, with the Van Heukeloms welcoming their second baby recently, and Alex and Ann about to give birth to baby Marcielinda.


  1. Maybe the doc will give you some heavy-duty prescription pain pills to go along with your pain and you can start a lucrative career solving medical mysteries!

  2. I have a question about your injury…why was there a huge piece of jagged glass lying on your floor? Were the LaPlant boys over for a party or something? And babies are popping out all over…your old Willow Lake schoolmate, Tia, just had triplet boys last week. And poor Ann…I really don’t think they’ll be naming their baby Marcielinda…that is just my own idea. Who wouldn’t want their daughter named after both grandmas????? I suppose Ann’s mother would prefer Lindamarcie, but I came up with the idea, so I get dibs on the name. Hope your injuries heal quickly.

    • Why there was a big shard of glass on our floor? I can’t say. It was really tucked back in a corner where we don’t usually walk, so it may have been there for some time.

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