This morning on our way to work, just after leaving our parking lot, I pulled up to a stop sign at Colfax Ave.

With the Minneapolis parking ban, cars are only allowed to park on one side of the street, which makes me wonder where half the cars in Minneapolis are now parking. Before, cars lined both sides of every street, but until April that’s now illegal. So, people are really cramming their cars in as close as they can to the end of the streets. Also, snowbanks are piled up on the corners of the streets and intersections and alleys.

So in order for me to see beyond the cars and snow to find out whether or not anyone is coming down Colfax Ave. from either direction before pulling out, I have to inch out slowly, looking closely in both directions, until my car is practically in the middle of the intersection. By the time I’m able to see if anyone’s coming, I would have already been hit. So really it boils down to either getting out of the car and walking onto the street to see if the path is clear, or simply hoping that it’s clear.

I guessed right—the path was clear, and we continued on our journey.

After driving a few more blocks and pulling out onto Hennepin Ave., I slammed on my breaks, spilling Lauren’s coffee all over her. Why? Because someone else did the exact same thing coming out of a parking lot. Yes, this girl was making a very poor decision in making a left-hand turn out of a parking lot, attempting to bypass four lanes of traffic during the morning rush without being able to see whether or not anyone was coming (I was, as were cars from the other direction). But to her credit, she obviously was in the same predicament as me and was left with no choice but to eek out far enough onto Hennepin before she could see if the path was clear or not, at which point she realized she was too far onto the road and just gunned it and hoped for the best.

The whole idea of this new parking ban was to make sure there was enough room emergency vehicles to fit down the roads. I think they’re contradicting themselves because there are bound to be accidents caused by this new ban. I say cars parked within 15 feet of the end of the block should be ticketed and/or towed.

Does that make any sense? If not, here’s an illustration I made to help clarify.