Greeting Cards

What do you think the single most overpriced everyday item is?

For me, the answer is very clear: greeting cards.

How can people think $4.99 is an acceptable price to pay for a folded piece of paper with some words and pictures printed on it? Even for lesser priced greeting cards that go for $2.49, the markup still has to be at least 1000%. I guess you gotta hand it to the greeting card companies that worked hard to make that price seem reasonable.

Not that I didn’t enjoy opening all the wonderful cards we received for the wedding, but it’s possible I would have enjoyed them just as much if they were hand-made, or even just a piece of cardstock paper folded in half. After all, it’s the personalized hand-written message on the inside that is most meaningful.

I have been known to send weird greeting cards. Once I gave Lauren a Valentine’s card that was made of a bunch of my business cards taped together. I also recently used a folded piece of cardboard for a wedding card with a quick crude drawing on the front.

But the bottom line is I can’t think of any other item that people purchase every day that is more ridiculously priced. Can you?


  1. You are probably right. The best idea is to go to a dollar store and buy cheap (albeit ugly) greeting cards for 50 cents. I don’t do it, but if you wanted to boycott the overpriced ones, it is a good idea. Another thing that is overpriced is any tractor part. A small bolt may be over $100. Not that you’ll ever have to concern yourself with that!

  2. I once heard on a radio show that bikinis are the single most overpriced items in the U.S. Teeny pieces of fabric that sell for sometimes $100’s…per piece! Greeting cards are crazy, but I can think of a lot of other items that are unreasonable, too

  3. Well, Lauren will never have to be bored with the same old card…I wish your dad would come up with inventive ideas like that!

  4. Fountain Soda. I wanted a fountain soda at the McDonald’s at LAX, they wanted 3.79 for it. I believe the actual cost for Ron McD is around 2.5 cents.

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