One of my favorite books as a little boy was Grover’s Bad, Awful Day. In the story, Grover simply encounters a lot of misfortune but it all ties up nicely at the end thanks to his supportive Mommy. I was reading this book to Johnny the other day and couldn’t help but ask so many questions in my head… Exactly how old are these characters supposed to be? If you’re in play group, that would indicate you’re not even in kindergarten yet, so why are you walking there without parental guidance? And most importantly, WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES?

Then I got a brilliant idea… I’ll re-write the book myself!

I was able to easily take photos of the book, and using Photoshop’s handy Fill > Content Aware tool, take out the text and leave the background. Then, I popped open a beer, kicked back, and let the imagination juices take over. I laughed maniacally to myself as I wrote this. I shared it with a few select people who I thought would appreciate the humor, and most everyone gave me glowing feedback.

I was going to keep this just to myself, but what the hell… here is the first installment of Ryan’s Sesame Street Redux!  (Download the whole PDF here if it’s easier: Download PDF.)

And when you’re done here, be sure to read my other re-write of Bert and the Broken Teapot. And of course, if you like these works, head over to my other site, How To Do That, where I write ridiculous how-to articles with half real advice, half comedy.

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