Podcast Coming Soon?
So the other day I threw the idea out there on Facebook that I wanted to start a Podcast, and the response was very encouraging! There are at least eight people who would listen and four people who want some part of the production. I think we have to do it! I downloaded an app on my Droid that records high quality audio and did a test run in the morning while driving from Lauren’s office to mine. The sound quality was excellent, especially considering I was driving and had the defroster blasting and had my phone sitting on the passenger’s seat. I of course have several years of radio DJ experience, so I am no stranger to rambling on about various topics. Hopefully this idea gets off the ground and we start a Podcast very soon!

Sunday with the Ahrendts/Golden Globes
Sunday, Lauren and I welcomed Chris and Carol and baby Michelle to our apartment for the afternoon. Jason also swung by, and our 2004-2005 912 North Egan roommate trio was reunited again. The day was spent chatting while snacking on Lauren’s homemade mint Oreos and watching the NFL playoffs. As always, very nice to catch up with the Ahrendts who are just several thousand stones’ throws away in Eau Claire.

After the Ahrendts departed, Jason hung around and we watched Ricky Gervais do an awesome job of hosting the Golden Globes. There has been much buzz around his jokes going too far. I especially liked his introduction of Phillip Berk, the President of the Hollywood Foreign Press… something about “helping him off the toilet” and “putting his teeth back in… messy…” I also liked his introduction of Sandra Bullock. “She told me backstage that she won’t ride public transit because she thinks poor people are gross and they smell bad…” And he ended the show with “And thank God for making me an Atheist!”

Jason also managed to sneak in a great quote during the evening after a drink or two. “Glanzer, your Best Picture reviews are atrocious. But I would never tell you that because you’re my friend. I would never tell you that… but seriously, they are atrocious.” I am still chuckling at that one as I type it. I of course am not offended; hopefully Jason isn’t either after I post this.

• We got the Impala back after meeting Ma and Pa in Granite Falls at the casino on Saturday. Aside from the vast repairs to the car, we were also treated to dinner and failed at some gambling. We are now the owners of two cars. As I said, we’ll continue to drive to work together because it doesn’t make sense not to, except on Fridays when Lauren gets out super early because she’s worked her 40 hours and is forced to leave.

• Lauren and I watched The Social Network last night. It took Lauren some convincing to give in and watch it; not sure why she was so hesitant. I was looking forward to watching it because I like movies I can relate to… not that I also invented a $25 billion website, but at least I use Facebook and am interested in its history. We both agreed it was an excellent movie. Maybe it will win Best Picture after winning big at the Golden Globes.

• I have been named a reserve on a company bowling team named Bowl Movement. I have also been tasked with designing the team logo.

Lauren and I each launched “picture of the day” blogs at Tumblr, starting January 1. Every day we must take a picture with our Droids. Haven’t missed a day yet!