My K102 Laughing Game
Almost every morning on the way to work, Lauren and I tune into the K102 morning show starring Muss and Donna Valentine (who I know has read this blog before!). A second lady, Kirsten Klein, usually jumps in now and then to update us on traffic or join the conversation. And lately they have been joined by a third lady, Amy James. Three ladies and a man—an unusual format for a morning radio show perhaps, but they do a nice job and keep me entertained on my commute to work.

Kirsten is a very bubbly radio personality. I think she goes from one station to another within the Clear Channel building and does traffic reports and stuff. Again, she does a magnificent job and I don’t mean to be critical of her work. But the laughing! It’s astounding the amount of time Kirsten spends each morning laughing hysterically! Any little remark made by one of the others will have her in side-splitting laughter for an extended period of time.

I am usually a grump in the mornings because we are always running late and I despise nothing more than being late, so lately I have tried to play a game to cheer me up. Every time Kirsten laughs, I must laugh along with her, just as boisterous and in the same womanly pitch. It is quite the challenge! And Lauren finds it terribly annoying. Today while driving south on Hwy. 100, I sat there and forced myself to laugh for about twelve seconds in a girlish voice. And a second or two after Kirsten stopped, someone made another moderately witty remark and I had to follow her right back into another long laughing spell. I’m not sure if it works to cheer me up or not, but it is a fun game to play. You should all try some time!

And Donna, if you’re reading this, keep up the good work. Sorry I bashed your radio show that one time when I didn’t win the Brooks & Dunn tickets.

This Week; Weekend Ahead
This was one of the slowest, most boring work weeks on memory. Today will be my 1,229th day of work, and few days have been as uneventful as the last few. Outside of work hasn’t been terribly thrilling either. But here is a look at some of the highlights and what’s to come!

• On Sunday, Nick, Tim, and Kate joined us for our mini Star Wars marathon. Tired of being harassed for having never seen the original three movies, we watched them in succession. I enjoyed the first and third movies, but was literally lulled to sleep at times in the second one. Overall a worthy project. So much better than the LOTR trilogy, in my opinion.

• On Wednesday night, Lauren, Walsh, Sarah, and I tried out the Lyndale Tap House for supper. I’m sure we will be reviewing it soon on our food blog. The place is known for its “pit” meats. I tried the Latin Pork sandwich and was impressed. The happy hour specials were the best part, however.

• On Tuesday and Thursday I visited the gym. I am looking very forward to the day we own a house so I can get some piece of exercise equipment to put in the basement. I’m really tired of either trudging through the snow 0.6 miles each way and slipping and falling down (happened last night), and it barely seems worth it to drive such a short distance and pay 50 cents for parking.

• Tonight is the big Patrick Lynch 28th birthday spectacular. Happy birthday Patches! Saturday we are temporarily planning to meet Ma and Pa Glanzer somewhere midway to get our Impala back, at which point we will have two cars! And Sunday there is talk of a visit from our good friends, the Ahrendts.

1,000th Blog Entry?
Yesterday I deducted that my next blog entry would be my 1,000th. 361 on and the DSU student website, and now 589 on the WordPress blog, plus 50 interviews on equals 1,000 blog posts! If I include the posts on the Best Picture review blog and our Eating in Minneapolis blog, I’d be closer to 1,200. But as far as personal entries go, this is the monumental post. Your congratulatory comments can be left in the Comments section!