Cityscape Painting, Take 2


Minneapolis Skyline
Minneapolis Skyline

Since I bought two canvases, I thought I’d do paintings that could go together.  Here is last night’s project, the Minneapolis skyline amidst a blue sky.  I’m not sure what time of day this is supposed to be… perhaps early morning.  I don’t know what other time you’d get the silhouette effect.

This one, unlike the Toronto painting Monday night, took about twice as long.  I painted it as I watched TV over the course of four hours, including American Idol, which totally sucked last night.  I don’t have very high hopes for this season, unless Norman Gentle makes it far.

Here’s what the two paintings side-by-side look like.  I still plan to maybe write the city names in the “water” space at the bottoms.


Toronto and Minneapolis paintings
Toronto and Minneapolis paintings

One comment

  1. I love these! I am from Minneapolis and am looking for a cool painting of the skyline, any way I could buy it from you? Let me know!

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