“Slow and steady wins the race,
that’s why Ryan drives at a slower pace!”

That is the message/song my mother has delivered to me time and time again over the years, encouraging me to take it easy on the road so as not to get in a horrendous car accident. This is especially true in the winter, as I have my share of fender-benders.

Well, today it rang true once more.  I was driving to work on Hwy 212, and the snow really started falling. Yesterday, it rained all day long and overnight changed to snow, so the roads were very slick. As I neared my turn, I pulled into the turn lane for Powers Blvd., which is essentially just a third lane that goes on for about 1/4 mile.  With about 1/8 of a mile to go before the turn lane branched apart from the main road, some jackass got right up on my tail. He soon decided I was going too slow for his taste, and went back out onto the highway to pass me, then whipped right back in front of me just as the turn lane was separating from the highway, a dangerous move in itself, slippery roads notwithstanding.

As he sped down the ramp towards the stoplight to get onto Powers Blvd, he gave me the finger to show his disapproval of my slowness, then sped up to make his getaway. As he neared the stop light, there were about five other cars in the area, some waiting to turn, others going through the light from the other direction. I was silently rooting for him to get in an accident… it just seemed inevitable with the speed he was going and the number of cars in the area that he would never be able to stop cleanly in time. And sure enough, when he got to the stop light to turn right, he did a 180 and slid through the intersection, hitting a car in front of him.

I cheered as I watched him get out of his car to talk to the other motorist and examine the damage. Then I passed on by, continuing on my way to work, laughing merrily all the way.

Also, today marks another anniversary of mine and Lauren’s: it was on this day in 2007 that we went on our first date, eating at Chapati in Edina. It’s also Grandma Bell’s 81st birthday today, so happy birthday to her! And let’s not forget Little Sis, Jordan Krogman, who turned 26 yesterday.