Holly Jolly Christmas Recap & More

Christmas Recap
The Great Christmas Blizzard of 2009 came and went, and left me a little disappointed.  Built up to be one of the worst winter storms in my lifetime, things fizzled a little as snow fell in only moderate amounts (about 9 inches in Minneapolis), then turned to rain on Christmas Day with temps in the upper 30s, which turned the snow to slush.  Probably still for the best that we took it easy and didn’t try to get to South Dakota, but both Lauren and I were excited for a monster storm.

On Christmas Eve, we visited Lauren’s parents’ in Bloomington.  As an annual tradition for the past ten years, the Poulter family re-gifts a fruitcake in unique ways.  This year I received the fruitcake from Steve in quite the unusual way.  I opened a present, which contained a remote control, which brought out a second box from under the tree which contained a remote control car fashioned by Steve to carry a fruitcake.  It was quite elaborate and I’m sure Steve spent many hours perfecting the fruitcake rover!  Anne prepared dinner and lots of merriment was had by all.

On Christmas morning, Lauren and I exchanged gifts.  I made Lauren a Blurb book showing our year in review using only pictures I took and excerpts from this blog to tell the story of our 2009.  Lauren got me a very awesome Wild jersey!  We spent the day lounging around.  Neither of us felt particularly well enough to make another trip back over to the Poulters’ for dinner that night.

The day after Christmas Lauren and I met up with the Berglund-Husebys and saw the movie “Up in the Air” in Uptown.  It was the first movie we’ve seen in months and everyone thought it was worthy of the hype.  Excellent performances from George Clooney and both of the little-known supporting actresses.

Sunday I hung out with Walsh and Roscoe and watched the NFL RedZone channel all afternoon while Lauren helped Sarah shop for boots at the MOA.

New Years
Since we couldn’t make it home last weekend, the plan is to make the trek to Carpenter this weekend.  The irony is I have really bad tires on my car, and if I can make it home Dad (a local tire dealer) has new tires waiting for me.  So the very thing I need to get home is what is there waiting!  We’ll have to check out Alex and Ann’s new house in Willow Lake and see if any of my old schoolyard chums are around for some pick-up basketball.

The Chargers are having quite the great season at 12-3 after winning their tenth in a row on Christmas vs. the Titans!  Maybe for the first time in my 16 years of cheering for the Chargers they’ll win it all.  If there’s any team that has had the Colts’ number it’s the Chargers.  As for the Vikings, I won’t get too excited about them just yet.  We’re watching their Monday game vs. the Bears right now and they look pretty miserable.

Las Vegas
A week from Wednesday I depart for sunny Las Vegas for CES!  Aside from my duties with MB at the show, I’ll have several friends in town.  Jeff LaPlant is making a one-way trip to Las Vegas to hang out for a couple days before heading to LA to hang out with Patrick.  From there it sounds like he’ll become a vagabond and see if he’s able to get back home.  I am also excited to see the people who will get stuck wearing the fake name badges I ordered as extras.  One of our close business partners has already gotten stuck with a name badge reading Hydro Bison.

I guess that’s all for this time.  If you’re interested in my Best Picture project, I just reviewed 1970 winner Patton.  I am getting progressively worse at writing these movie reviews.


  1. Well it may not have been all that large in MN but in SD it got quite large by the end. Not so much instant snow on the ground like everyone was hoping to wake up to one morning, but a slow gradual progression towards 19 inches. Not the highest in the area but still a decent amount after 4 days of snowing.

  2. We’ll be anxious to see you both this weekend…just go nice and slow on those bad tires. I agree that the winter storm wasn’t as bad as lots I’ve seen, but we did get alot of snow and wind. The stupid part is that the governor issued an emergency, the interstates were closed, no travel advised, yet the postal service thought it was fine for us to go out and deliver what little mail had come in on Saturday. They went back and forth before finally deciding we didn’t have to go out…DUH!!! Anyway, I hope that’s it for snow this winter. I’m ready for spring! See you in a few days and be ready to try out that new bar!

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