Lauren Picks Series

Very quick post, but I just wanted to congratulate my wife Lauren Poulter Glanzer for being the only participant in my annual baseball prediction game on to correctly predict the World Series would be Yankees over Phillies!  These picks were made before Spring Training even started.

Baseball experts Marcie Glanzer, Jeff Thompson, and Andrew Baker also correctly predicted the Yankees to win, but not against the Phillies.  And Calvin Krogman got the Yankees-Phillies matchup correct, but predicted the Phillies would win.

We won’t know who the official winner is until the MVP and Cy Young Awards are handed out, but Lauren is looking good to finish first out of 25 participants.

Sadly, I predicted just two playoff spots correctly (Twins and Phillies) and my World Series prediction of Indians over Cubs looks absurdly foolish.


  1. Means nothing! Anyone could guess Yankees/Phillies in world series! Was it the $250 million dollar pay roll the Yankees had with CC, Tedxteria, or Burnett? National league sucks and only teams who are half way competitive each year are the Phillies/Cardinals/Dodgers. Have you watched baseball in the last 5 years? Not a long shot if you watch baseball! Devil Rays and Phillies yes, New York and Phillies in 2009 no! If you didn’t have the Yankees and anyone team other than Dodgers/Phillies/Cardinals in the world series, do me a favor and stop watching baseball! Like this was some great surprize!

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