Tri-State Boundary Expedition

Here’s a website I ran across that I found so compelling, I may want to try doing this myself over the course of the rest of my life. Just the adventure Lauren dreamed of!

These guys are attempting to visit every tri-state corner in the country—in addition to the Four Corners—which ends up being 62 different points. And there’s even more when you start including province/state borders. Did you know Canada has its own Four Corners? Crazy!

Many of the state boundaries are formed by rivers, so not all of them are easily reachable. And many of the boundaries are in remote rural areas which require some off-road hiking. The South Dakota-Minnesota-North Dakota area is apparently one such area that requires walking through a bean field near White Rock, SD.

So how do you know when you’ve actually reached these remote locations? Well, just about all of them reachable by land are marked by some sort of crude stone monument. As for the ones underwater, you just have to nail it down on the GPS.

And what do you do once you’ve reached the tri-state marker? You take lots of pictures of you running from one state to the next, hopping over the borders, or saying stupid things to your travel companions like “Oh my God, I’m in Nebraska right now and you’re in Kansas and you’re in Missouri… and now I’m in Kansas and you’re in Missouri and you’re in Nebraska! This is amazing!”

As lame as that probably sounds to most of you, I think this would be wildly entertaining. Who’s in?


  1. I guess I can see you guys doing something like that, but if I ever manage to get your Dad to take me on a vacation, it had better be something better than a rock monument near White Rock, SD!

  2. My parents made a mockery of this very phenomenon growing up. I remember standing on the four corners in utah, my dad standing in arizona, and my mother standing in colorado. My dad was freaking out excited, but upset no one could stand in new mexico.

    I would love a week’s vacation with a mid-size sedan driving around the country, eating at local dive establishments, drinking at local dive bars and achieving half of this feat.

    That would make for one perfect vacation.

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