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Archiving the day-to-day events of my life for my own amusement.

About This Blog


Thanks for stopping by to visit my personal blog! I am a dedicated personal archivist. I want to remember everything that happens throughout the course of my day-to-day life. I started blogging almost daily in college in 2003, and I continue doing so today! The blog used to be about drunken college antics and making very public mockeries of my friends, but as time has gone by, this blog is more centered around my life as a mid-30s father and husband now living in Austin.

I won’t give you my whole bio here, but basically I’m a farm boy from rural South Dakota. I felt like I was destined for big city life, and after graduating from Dakota State University in 2005, I headed to Minneapolis to start my exciting career in Marketing. I worked for 5.5 years for an optical media company called Microboards. Along the way I met Lauren Poulter and got married.

In 2011, we got fed up with the long harsh winters of Minnesota and decided to move somewhere warmer. We chose Austin somewhat randomly. I was able to get a job with Callaway Golf, and Lauren got a job with Whole Foods. In 2014 our son Johnny was born, and in 2018 our daughter Edessa (Edie) was born.

After Callaway, I spent time with FoundersCard, Protect America, and now ConsumerAffairs, all doing digital marketing. My long-term dream is still to own and operate a small-town South Dakota bar in retirement. Favorites include the Minnesota Twins, playing Out of the Park Baseball on my computer, hiking, woodworking, painting, karaoke, drinking lots of alcohol of all kinds, and road tripping.

If you are interested in learning more, just read the blog archives! You’ll need a password for a lot of posts, which you can obtain by emailing me at glanzerr@gmail.com.

5 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. hey there, I can’t find your contact information but your web design layout was off on opera and firefox. Anyways, did you see this weeks episode?

  2. Ryan,
    Hey just randomly typed my name into Google and got a hit on your webpage. It was so weird that we ran into eachother, even if it was a year ago already. I wish I had the time and energy to do anything daily. But, me never….always flying by the seat of my pants. Anyways good to see you even if it was a year ago. Take care…..hope the wedding went well.

  3. I liked reading your blog and would love to offer you a free MLB Fathead JR wall pin up in exchange for a post.  Email me back if you’re interested.

  4. Hello! Not to be a creep, but I have a question for you. My fiance and I are looking at using the Profile Event Center for our reception and when I was searching for reviews of the place, I stumbled upon your previous wedding blog. If it’s not too much trouble, could you tell me how your experience was there? I’d realllllly appreciate it!


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