It has been about 2 1/2 years since I sat down and ranked my top 20 TV shows of all-time. Yes, I am currently swept up in the Breaking Bad craze, and perhaps in a couple years once the dust has had some time to settle it will drop down the list a little, but for now it sits atop my list. The only other carryover shows that were on my April 5, 2011 list that actually went up in the rankings strangely are The Wire and Family Guy. Everything else either stayed the same, went down, or left the chart altogether. The BBC Office, Frasier, 30 Rock, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, and I Shouldn’t Be Alive left the chart altogether, replaced my newcomers (to me) Breaking Bad, Homeland, Friday Night Lights, Cheers, Party Down, and Shameless.

No, I have not seen every show ever, so popular shows like Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Weeds, Modern Family, and Downtown Abbey aren’t under any consideration.

Also, I threw this list together rather hastily, so I probably forgot something prominent that should have made the list!

  2013 2011 2007
1. Breaking Bad (NR) Seinfeld (=) Seinfeld
2. Seinfeld (-1) Freaks & Geeks (=) Freaks & Geeks
3. The Sopranos (=) The Sopranos (NR) The Office (BBC)
4. Homeland (NR) Dexter (NR) Arrested Development
5. Freaks & Geeks (-3) Six Feet Under (NR) The Wonder Years
6. Arrested Development (=) Arrested Development (-2) Scrubs
7. The Wire (+1) Curb Your Enthusiasm (+2) The Office (NBC)
8. Friday Night Lights (NR) The Wire (NR) Little House on the Prairie
9. Curb Your Enthusiasm (-2) The Office – BBC (-6) Curb Your Enthusiasm
10. Cheers (NR) Frasier (+1) The Simpsons
11. The Office (US) (=) The Office – NBC (-4) Frasier
12. Six Feet Under (-7) 30 Rock (NR) Three’s Company
13. Dexter (-9) Scrubs (-7) American Idol
14. Family Guy (+5) The Simpsons (-4) Family Guy
15. Shameless (NR) The Wonder Years (-10) Friends
16. Little House on the Prairie (=) Little House on the Prairie (-8) Saved by the Bell
17. Three’s Company (=) Three’s Company (-5) Reno 911
18. The Wonder Years (-3) How I Met Your Mother (NR) Jeopardy
19. Party Down (NR) Family Guy (-5) Full House
20. The Simpsons (-6) I Shouldn’t Be Alive (NR) Heroes