Happy New Year!

I guess there are a few resolutions this year. I’m going to try to do more frequent, shorter blog posts such as this rather than really long ones less frequently. I am going to try to start using Fireworks instead of Photoshop at work for web-related graphics like the rest of the team. And cutting back on casual weeknight drinking.

It has been a very, very busy trip back to the Midwest for 10 days. In hindsight, 10 days is probably too long for such a trip. Luckily there is a buffer day tomorrow before heading back to the office. I am very sick with a nagging cold (not good with infant baby in house), wearing dirty socks for the fifth straight day, and am hoping the warm Austin air can cure me right up!

There of course will be much more to come soon about our visit back to Minnesota and South Dakota, but for now I will continue packing and in 1.5 hours we’ll depart for the airport. I feel like we’ll be running super late only getting to the airport two hours prior to our domestic flight!

Don’t worry Bax, we’re comin’ for ya!



  1. I’m coming down with the same thing as you, I think. I felt pretty awful this afternoon and it’s progressively gotten worse as the day has gone on….sore throat, body aches, general tiredness. Boo. Hope you have an uneventful flight back to TX! The kids miss you both already

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