Baxter image given to us by Mom for Christmas!

It has undoubtedly been a whirlwind couple weeks for Baxter. In his short lifetime he has already has already lived at four different places, and just spent the last 10 days with our friends the Megos while we were back up north. He has behaved very strangely since we picked him up last night and brought him home. I imagine there is going to be an adjustment period getting used to the way things were, and I’m sure he’s afraid we’ll leave him again.

He seems to be very upset with Lauren and overly clingy with me, for some reason. I can’t sit down in a chair for five seconds without him climbing all over me licking me non-stop. If I get up to move, he’s right at my feet following every step. He hasn’t eaten much of anything unless we throw the food to him or make some sort of game out of it. He seems very hesitant at going down the apartment steps, maybe fearing we’re taking him away again. He’s had a couple accidents inside. I suppose all of this is to be expected for the poor pup who has been confused of late.

But then this happened.

Since Friday, I have been battling a terrible cold. Today I am trying to get some extra rest before heading back to work tomorrow. I just laid down for a quick nap in bed and of course Baxter came to join. Not more than three minutes later, and long before I even had a chance to fall asleep, Lauren came in the room was was like “Oh my God, what happened?!!” Apparently Baxter had peed all over the bed like I would have never thought possible, covering all of Lauren’s side of the bed, the wall behind the headboard, a pile of clothes on the bed, pillows, etc. and then he walked through it and got little pee-soaked paw-prints over the rest of the bed. And we had been outside with him just over an hour earlier and I didn’t see him even drink anything. And apparently this all happened right in front of me without me noticing because the bedroom door had been shut otherwise.

“Oh, that’s too much liquid to have come from Baxter,” I thought. But what else could it have been? Lauren guessed that since Baxter spends so much time with her during the week, he’s extra mad at her for disappearing and maybe was trying to mark all her stuff with his urine.

We have our doggy class at Petsmart with Bax in less than an hour, but today I fear it is going to be a waste of everyone’s time. We can’t possibly thank the Megos enough for putting up with him for so long!