Back to School? / New Photos

First of all, here’s a link to the latest photo gallery on Facebook.

The interview series continues to be very popular on  Whenever I post an interview, the hit count quadruples.  There were 146 unique visitors the day I posted the Nick interview on the blog.  Not that I care how many people read them.  The Dad interview the other day, which was the 50th all-time interview I’ve done, also received strong ratings.  I am still waiting on two final interviews I sent out to Lauren and Sarah, but I am not counting on them to be submitted any time soon!

In some other news, I officially signed up for three Flash classes at Minneapolis Community Technical College.   The demand at work for someone to learn Flash has been increasing, and I finally decided to take it up.  You’d think this would have been something covered in either my Multimedia/Web Development or Computer Graphic Design bachelor’s degrees at DSU, but they were certain Director was the course we would need most, not Flash.  

Regardless, each class runs just two times and altogether total just 21 hours.  But I will be certified in Flash and I will be able to bring my newfound skills to the workplace.  Classes start in late March and run through April, and will meet on Wednesday or Thursday nights.

Finally, check out this absurd 1991 Twins dance video I ran across!




  1. Microboards paying for you to take those classes I hope?
    That is always nice to have your current employer make your resume more marketable for future endeavours!

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