Friday the 13th: Babysitting Debut

You’d think something would have to go terribly wrong with me and Lauren both making our babysitting debuts Friday night.  Hard to believe with 51 years between us, neither of us had ever before been left with an actual baby for any length of time.  Actually that’s not quite true, I did once watch Peyton in Vermillion for maybe two hours back in 2003 or 2004.  But this was our first true test.

Abby’s mom and dad were away on a little weekend getaway, so she was staying with Lauren’s parents.  And then they had Friday night plans, so we headed over to their house to take care of the baby for the night.  From the second we took over, she cried hysterically.  I think it was an hour and forty minutes of straight crying before Lauren got her to go to sleep.  We tried everything we could think of to no avail.  I even called Jordan, thinking with Hudson being the exact same age maybe she had some answers.

But once she was asleep, she was out cold and then I fell asleep for a couple hours on the couch.  So, I guess you can say it was a successful night.  Everyone survived and the house didn’t burn down.  Lauren and I may take a few years to ourselves after the wedding before jumping into any parenting adventures.

In other news, I’ve gone to the gym the last three days over break and ran for 30-35 minutes and then sat in the steam room.  I am already down four pounds from Wednesday!  I don’t belong to Lifetime anymore due to their outrageous monthly fees, but they gave me a free 7-day trial and I’ve taken full advantage of it.  Lauren and I will be very near the YWCA when we move, so we’ll be getting a membership there.  Apparently men are allowed at the YWCA.

Beyond that, not much to report.  The big news around the house is Nick got rid of his timeless brown couches this morning when the garbagemen picked them up at our curb.  Nick had taken these ratty, delapidated couches with him to college, and I could write an entire blog post about how much he loved them and even insisted on bringing them from college to Eden Prairie when we moved up in ’06, and then moved them to the house last year.  No one, not even Nick’s parents, thought the couches were anything more than trash, but Nick loved them deeply and it must have been a tough sight saying goodbye to them last night.  Plus Roscoe no longer can peek out the window sitting on the couch, and Jason will have to pick a different couch to crash on when he sleeps over.  So there are three individuals affected already!


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