Ow, My Finger Hurts!

I’ve already been milking this injury for the past 15 hours, but I want your pity as well.

dislocated, broken pinky finger
My poor hand at the ER.

I went to the gym Saturday afternoon to work out when I ran into Feeney and Kyle and joined them for basketball instead.  We were playing this game called 21 where it was basically 2-on-1, each man for himself.  I was shooting a free throw, but I decided to trick them and throw the ball hard off the backboard so I could go get my own rebound and get the ball back.  I threw the ball too hard, perhaps, as it resulted in my finger getting jammed… or so I thought.  I looked down, and my finger was slightly more than jammed.

The YWCA staff wrapped my hand up and Feeney took me to the hospital down the street.  I went into the ER and soon a doctor came in, grabbed my finger, and popped it back into place.  It was quite painful, as you can see it was dislocated in two separate places.  X-rays were taken as a precaution, and it turned out to be more serious than expected.  A bone was chipped and the tendons/ligaments appear to have snapped clean in half.  The pinky and ring fingers were splinted together, and I was told to make an appointment with a hand surgeon on Monday.

Thanks to Bradley Feeney for taking me to the hospital and hanging around the ER.  Kyle Dahl showed his support as well by joining us at the hospital.  Eventually Lauren was contacted and able to come over with my insurance info.

The pain isn’t terrible, but there’s clearly some discomfort.  Typing is a little tricky with two fingers incapable of contributing.

In other news, my kind wife Lauren agreed to let me cash in a good chunk of the Target gift cards from the wedding and get a PlayStation 3!  (This was on Friday before the injury, so it wasn’t out of pity.)  I’m not known to be an avid gamer, but the sports games are always fun, and the PS3 does much more than play games.  Walsh already came over and got a network set up so we can download shows on Lauren’s computer and watch them through the PS3.  We also are streaming Netflix, which works pretty slick!  If we had Blu-ray discs, we could play them too.

That’s all for this morning.  We have a busy day of watching the Vikings game before heading over to the Poulters’ to celebrate Steve’s 60th!


  1. Thats awesome about the PS3. Lynch, Charlie, the LaPlants, and I thought about just giving you money for one to begin with but I guess it panned out. I use my computer and vga cord to stream Netflix to my computer but need ext. speakers to deal with the sound and can’t use my surround. The high schoolers are event trying to get me to get one but I don’t think I need one just yet.

  2. Of course, you have my pity!! That just goes to show how dangerous exercise can be…I think it is alot safer to stay sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating junk food, than to risk life and limb out in the cruel world. I hope you’ve learned a good lesson. OUCH!!

    • Good news, everyone. Went to the dr. today and turns out the injury won’t require surgery. But it might be 3 months before I have full range of motion back.

  3. The same thing happened to me except I’m only 12. My pinky literally almost came off but right now it’s splinted with my ring finger. Get used to typing with mainly your thumb. Also, is it your right hand and are you right handed because it’s my right hand and I’m right handed and it’s a pain in the butt for me. Anyway hope it gets better 🙂

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