1. Thursday

Thursday, March 24 was one of the busier days in months. Aside from a very busy day of meetings, I participated in the company zoom workout with a real instructor. Yep, there’s enough room in the shed for me to do a real workout! Later I had John’s PT conference. The little scamp sure is admired by his teacher and classmates, it seems. Smart as a whip! Great at all subjects (maybe not art, so much… didn’t get Dad’s drawing skills). After that it was coaching baseball practice. Then I had to shower and grab a quick bite because Lauren and I went to a 10pm John Mulaney comedy show at Cedar Park Center, a Lauren birthday gift.

Quite a workout, all from the comfort of my shed!

2. John Mulaney

More on that comedy show… There were two separate shows, and the event center didn’t leave enough time between shows for traffic to leave and new traffic to get in, so it was an hour standstill. Utter chaos. We actually abandoned the Lyft and walked after a certain point. We got in 20 minutes late when I had initially left home with the intent of getting there 30 minutes early! And the venue was only 9 miles away! But they started late and we didn’t miss anything. I’ve seen a ton of standup acts in Austin—Dave Chappelle, Joe Rogan, Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan and others, but this was the funniest by far.

3. Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh

John and I have long talked about doing an annual baseball trip, and we have our 2022 finalists—Cincinnati or Pittsburgh. (I thought about Cincinnati and Pittsburgh but that’s a long shot). If anyone has any great things to say about one city or the other, let me know asap! The reason we have narrowed it down to these cities:

  • Neither of us have been to either of these cities or ballparks.
  • John has not been to either Ohio or Pennsylvania and, like me, likes to check states off his personal list. And if we go to Cincy we can also check off Kentucky. If we went to Pittsburgh we could drive 40 minutes west to West Virginia and Ohio.
  • The teams are both expected to be bad. Yes, that is a draw for us! That will mean emptier ballparks, cheaper tickets, and the ability to move down to good seats.
  • Northern cities means a break from the rampant Texas heat. Not that it will matter much in June, I’m sure it’s hot everywhere.

4. What I Watched

I started the new series Winning Time on HBO, the dramatized story of the 70s Lakers under new owner Jerry Buss, played by John C. Reilly. 3 episodes in, and I’m hooked.

5. Work With Me!

I’ve posted this elsewhere, but I really think anyone with any background in email marketing should take a look at this job post. Work remotely with me!

➡️ Apply here: https://wrkbl.ink/1Zyq8oo