1. Washington/Baltimore Instead

Last week I was very narrowed in on Cincinnati or Pittsburgh for our father-son baseball trip in June, but after honing in on John’s true goal of visiting new states, I started reopening the search a bit. By doing both WAS & BAL, John can check off Maryland and Virginia, and finally touch ground in DC (we were at the DCA airport in 2017). That’s about as good as KY/OH or PA/WV/OH. And this way we can see multiple ballparks. I also considered Philadelphia (PA/NJ/DE) and Boston (MA, RI, CT, NH, ME, VT) but then that would result in a lot of driving. This is just simpler. We will be going June 17-20. I was last in DC in 2007 when visiting Uncle Brian.

2. John Nearly HR Hero

John’s baseball team was losing 18-14 in the 4th (and final) inning Saturday. Teams max out at 5 runs per inning, and we had already scored several, so there was no possible way to win. EXCEPT there is a rule that states more than 5 runs can count if the player hits an actual over-the-fence HR. I’ve never seen a kid come remotely close to doing that, but I told John as he stepped to the plate with the bases loaded he needed to try. His reaction was priceless. “What?!” But he gave it a massive cut and ripped a double to the gap. It was as close as any kid had come all year, but still at least 50 feet short.

3. Toe Magnet

I bashed my right pinkie toe into a cinder block on Saturday night while returning my laptop to the shed in the dark. It was a gruesome sight. Blood gushing out, the nail bent back… I tried not to look as I raced in and bandaged it up and went to bed. The next morning it was purple and swollen and in a lot of pain, so naturally the children and dog were absolutely unable to avoid stepping on this toe. I don’t feel like my toes get stepped on by others very often, but maybe I just don’t pay attention because it’s not likely broken and I don’t howl in pain when it happens. But damn, I couldn’t go 3 minutes without someone accidentally jumping on it Sunday. After the dust has settled a bit, I no longer think it’s broken, fwiw.

4. Beagle Thief

It wasn’t the first time. It was likely the 349th time or greater. The beagle stole something delicious that I intended to eat for myself. A child must have left the door to the shed cracked, and Baxter absconded with a huge unopened package of Duke’s smokies and ate them all, including much of the bag, amongst other treats. This was the Costco-sized bag, not your little grab ‘no go version. I was rather irate.

5. Tiki #2

We are doing a monthly dinner out with the Megos, who we used to hang out with regularly but rarely saw during the pandemic. In January I chose Tiki Tatsu-ya. In February Brian chose Steiner Ranch Steakhouse. And in March, Lauren chose Zanzibar, a tiki themed rooftop spot on the roof of the downtown Marriott, which we went to last night.