1. Kalamazoo

We’re back from spring break! John and I did our own thing for the front end of the trip and went to visit old classmates Jesse and Kathy near Kalamazoo, Michigan for about 48 hours. Aside from catching up and reminiscing, we enjoyed lots of wintry activity with an all-out blizzard most of the time we were there! John’s favorite part was all the hockey… Lots of playing floor hockey in their basement with the Van Heukelom kids, and attending two of Maverick’s hockey games. We also went into town and hit up a couple breweries including the famous Bell’s. A short but fun visit!

2. Chicago

John and I hopped on a quick flight from Kalamazoo to Chicago to meet up with the gals, who were already in town. We spent four nights in Chicago on the Magnificent Mile, doing all the touristy things. We visited the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Maggie Daly Playground, Hancock Building, and beach, among other places, and ate at places like Portillo’s, Harry Caray’s, Frontera, Bub City BBQ. It was a lot of walking and buses, and a lot of kid-centric stuff. The kids’ favorite part was probably just the downtime in the hotel pool.

3. Recovery Time

Then we still had 3.5 days on the back end to get back into the swing of things before spring break officially ended. Lauren cleaned out the garage again, I finished the under-hang on the shed, John and Edie got together with playmates, and we just kept clear of the craziness of the SXSW crowds!

4. Carlos Correa

I woke up at 2:50am on Saturday morning due to Edie hopping into our bed, and flipped on my phone quick to see the time, and noticed my phone was flooded with alerts that the Twins had agreed to terms with superstar free agent SS Carlos Correa! I literally thought it was a dream. I read and re-read tweet after tweet, and in my dazed state, declared it was definitely a dream and went back to sleep. When I woke up for good I was equally as surprised to realize it was real. I have had way too many such realistic dreams in the past where something really good happens involving a favorite team only to have it be imaginary. The Twins never are in play for the biggest star free agents. Even now it still feels too good to be true. Add in the fact that the Chargers are winning the offseason, the Timberwolves are good again, and a South Dakota team is in the sweet 16 in the NCAA tourney and it’s been quite a surprising sports month.

5. Song in My Head

How and why this song by Kandi from the late 90s entered my head, I am not sure. But I think we can all agree it is one heck of a jam.