Homebuying Series, Part 1: Laundry

As Lauren best put it in a recent e-mail, "I look forward to the day we have our own washer and dryer. Isn’t that the dream?" Why, yes. Yes it is.

As Lauren and I begin the early stages of attempting to one day land ourselves a house, I think the laundry situation will be one of the biggest motivators. Since I left home in September 2001 for college, I have undoubtedly paid for an entire washer and dryer counting all the times I’ve paid $1.25 here or $1.75 there to have my clothes washed in crappy machines that normally require walking up or down at least two flights of stairs. I’ve been sharing washers and dryers with dozens or hundreds of other people, and either end up waiting impatiently for my turn or having to do laundry at odd hours when I know no one else is doing theirs. The worst is when someone leaves their laundry sitting in the washer or dryer and I’m faced with the tough decision to wait for them to come back to continue their laundry, or take it out myself and put mine in, which often creates uncomfortable situations when the person walks in on me handling their leopard-print panties.

I can’t imagine what it will be like to have a good washer and dryer on the main level of a house dedicated to the cleaning of only my and Lauren’s clothes. No more Laundry Mountain covering up 83% of square footage of the bedroom carpet. No more going to the bank over break to trade in a $10 bill for a roll of quarters, or even worse, trying to get home from work at breakneck speed to catch the staff before they closed for the night because the laundry debit card machine was broken. No more random neighbors stealing detergent and dryer sheets.

Yes, Lauren is right. Having our own washer and dryer is the dream.


  1. Now for the positive spin on Laundromats. You can get your entire pile of clothing washed and dried in as little as 1 hour. But yeah, I guess having your own W/D does beat lugging two rubbermaid totes through the snow to a cockroach-infested laundry business.

  2. That was my dream, too! Except my laundry mountain was more like a laundry galaxy with 5 people to keep after. And our situation was worse in that we actually had to leave our apartment, and haul all our stuff in front ouf our neighbors’ homes to a laundry room a little ways down the sidewalk. In rain, snow, below zero temps…I had to trudge through it all with basket after basket of filthy laundry–for almost 5 years!! When we moved into our house with our own washer and dryer, I almost cried watching that first load tumble around.
    And Eric…shame on you. My husband does laundry, too. This isn’t the 1800’s.

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