It Snowed Last Night

Here was the scene I woke up to this morning looking out our third floor apartment balcony.

Snow on the balcony, Minneapolis, February 2010
The snow piled up against our sliding door.

Of course it had mostly just blown up against our door and wasn’t that deep the whole way through, but there was at least four or five decimeters of snow from a span of 36 hours.  The drives have been bad but not as bad as expected since a lot of schools and businesses have been closed.

Not much else new to report.  I got my free Timberwolves tickets for filling out 100 All-Star ballots at the last game I went to, so tomorrow night Tim Rosok and I will be taking in the big Wolves-Bobcats game.  Anyone else is welcome to come join us—just get your $15 upper level ticket and head on over to the Target Center!

One comment

  1. So you didn’t get the day off due to snow? That sucks…lots of snow here, too. I lucked out today (sort of) as I had pickup troubles this morning. Both of my pickups were undriveable and the car couldn’t make it through the snow, so your dad drove me around the mail route in his Duramax pickup…YAY Dick!! My hero. It was awesome, sitting back and letting someone else plow through snowdrifts.

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