Glanzer Family Tree Update

Sorry to those of you checking in for the latest baby news. There isn’t much to speak of today. We had a bit of excitement early in the morning, but nothing ever materialized despite me staying home from work just in case. While I was home, however, I did dig a bit further into some family history!

I have found at least some info on all 16 great-great-grandparents. I am missing maiden names for three of the great-great-grandmothers. If I can uncover that info, it should lead to more discoveries!

The Glanzer Side
Paul M. Glanzer (Russia) & Anna Tschetter (Russia)
Elias J. Wipf (Russia) & Rebecca Hofer (Russia)

The Froke Side
Otto A. Froke (Iowa) & Georgia ? (South Dakota)
Jacob Babler (Switzerland) & Barbara Aultman (Switzerland)

The Bell Side
Clarence Bell (Illinois) & Lula Shoecraft (Michigan)
Daniel Pendexter (New Hampshire) & Ida Ferris (Wisconsin)

The Petersen Side
Roy Terry (Texas) & Effie ? (Germany)
George Benefiel (Iowa) & Florence ? (Iowa)

Beyond that, I have also uncovered at least some info on 22 of my 32 great-great-great grandparents.

The Glanzer Side
Matthias Glanzer (South Russia) & Anna Wurz (Ukraine)
Jacob Tschetter (South Russia) & Katharina Decker (?)
Zacharias Wipf (South Russia) & Maria Muller (South Russia)
Michael Hofer (Russia) & Sarah Waldner (Russia)

The Froke Side
Christian Ole Froke (Iowa) & Bertha Olsen Anderson (Norway)
Paulus Aultman (Switzerland) & Barbara Margaret Klassi (Switzerland)

The Bell Side
Johnathan Bell (Illinois) & Emma Vannorsdel (Pennsylvania)
Jacob Shoecraft (Michigan) & Nancy V. Norton (Michigan)
Daniel Pendexter (New Hampshire) & Harriet Orsay Cushman (Maine)
Benjamin Ferris (New York) & Mary Angeline McCallister (Ohio)

The Petersen Side
Jason Benefiel (Indiana) & Maria C. Beatty (Pennsylvania)

Surprisingly my two grandfathers’ sides are completely filled in, but the grandmothers–Froke and Petersen–are full of holes. I did notice that on the Benefiel side of the family there are several children named after presidents–George Washington Benefiel, Thomas Jefferson Benefiel, etc.

Beyond that, I also have at least partial information for at least 42 of the 64 great-great-great-great grandparents, and at least partial info on over 70 great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents! But that will just have to wait for another day… and there must be an easier way to say it than all those “greats”.

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