As you have clearly noticed, the due date of August 17 has come and gone, and the baby is yet to be born! No big surprises there, I’d say. Many predicted the first baby to go over the due date by a few days. We’ve tried three straight nights of eating various foods to get things moving: on Saturday it was southern fare at Jack Allen’s. Sunday it was hatch green chile fest at Chuy’s. And last night Lauren painstakingly prepared an eggplant dish that–although very delicious–also did not induce labor! Most people have their own suggestions for us, and of course we are all ears. Many mothers who have had a baby will pinpoint the moment they went into labor and tell us something to the effect of “yep, I happened to be sitting in the bath tub fully clothed eating a lamb shank when I went into labor, so you should try that!”

But there will be no sitting around waiting for things to happen. We’ll go on with our weeks as usual, both going to work. Some have wondered why Lauren wouldn’t just sit at home, rest up, and wait for the moment to come, but that will cut into her maternity leave and/or PTO, and she feels like she’d go stir crazy sitting at home waiting around.

It is looking more and more possible that I’ll have a birthday buddy! That has to be fairly rare, like 1 in 365 babies born. I do have a college roommate who just had a daughter born on his birthday, so it’s not unheard of!