Here’s one of the perks of holding this prestigious password. You get to help make real life decisions! And today, we are in a real quandary.

After becoming depressed this past winter due to the historic snowfall and cold, Lauren and I decided we wanted to move somewhere new for a while, before we get tied down with a mortgage and kids. Lists of cities were made and it was narrowed down to Austin and Portland.

Yesterday, I was offered a good job in Austin, Texas at a well-know golf manufacturer, doing website stuff. It may be a little over my head, but I think I could catch on quickly, and the salary is a bit higher than what I make now. Yes, if I took the job, we would have to move to Texas. Texas is the polar opposite of Minnesota with temps in the hundreds all summer long and maybe sees a dusting of snow once per year. As I sit here and write this, I am sweating… and we are indoors in Minnesota on an 80-degree day with a fan pointed right at me. The winters would be glorious, but could I really make it through the summers there? I’m such a warm-blooded person.

Also to consider is that we both have full-time jobs here. Lauren does not have anything lined up for Austin, so she’d have to take a few weeks when we got down there and find a job.

I visited Austin recently and thought the city was awesome. I quickly made some friends and got to know the area. The cost of living is comparable, if not a little more affordable, than the Twin Cities. So I’m sold on the city itself, that’s not an issue.

We are very conflicted, and a decision must be made extremely soon. If I accept the job, we’ll have to put in our 2-weeks notices at our current jobs and start looking for a short-term rental in Austin. Could we really pick up and move that fast?

I really want your opinions! If you have a password and are able to read this post, let me know what you think we should do. If you think it’s a dumb idea to just get up and leave stable jobs in this economy, then tell me that. Or if you think we’d really regret it if we passed up this opportunity, tell me that. Or if you’d miss us too much, let us know! Comment anonymously if you want.