I’m pretty sure there will be some sort of major announcement coming this week, so check back on this blog for the details. Actually, I thought there would be a major announcement on Friday, but it ended up getting a little delayed. Nevertheless, Lauren and I had a fun, event-filled weekend which I will now tell you about.

Friday after work, Alex, Ann, and Hadley arrived in Minneapolis and we met up for dinner at an out-of-the-ordinary restaurant at Ann’s request. Lauren chose Gorkha Palace, a relatively new Tibetan/Nepali/Indian place in Northeast Minneapolis. We ordered some unusual dishes, including the yak mo-mo, which is kinda like a potsticker. And it turns out yak tastes pretty much like beef. Lauren and I each ordered our main courses 5/5 on the heat scale, and Gorkha did not disappoint! As usual, the proprietors of an Indian restaurant were a little hesitant to give us white folk the hottest of the hot, but we handled it well. Hadley had a big day of traveling and we witnessed her cry for the first time ever at dinner! Normally such a happy smiley little tyke. After dinner, Lauren and I fell asleep on the couches by 9:30 and slept sound till morning.

Saturday we visited the farmers’ market downtown, and in the afternoon met up with Alex and family at the Minnesota Zoo. It was a spendy outing, but we got some good exercise and saw a lot of animals. I was disappointed that the typical “big ticket” zoo animals weren’t on hand. No elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, gorillas, etc. They had a couple bears and tigers, but they were mostly hiding in the tall grass and were tough to see. The two most entertaining exhibits turned out to be the sea otters and wolverines, each of which were very frisky and playful for the crowd.

At night Lauren and I cashed in on a Black Forest Inn gift card and sat on the city’s best patio while enjoying a pitcher of Strongbow Cider… and then a pitcher of Hacker-Pschorr. And then we stopped at the CC Club for a pitcher of Bell’s Two Hearted. Again, the night ended with us passed out on the couches.

Sunday we met Patrick for the brunch buffet at Famous Dave’s, and it was pretty damn good. They didn’t have a ton of typical Famous Dave’s BBQ stuff, but the french toast was the best I’ve ever had, and they had some sort of pasta that I couldn’t get enough of. I decided to intentionally over-do it and make it my only meal of the day. This almost never happens, but well over six hours have passed and I’m still not hungry. On our way home we remembered it was “open street” day on Lyndale Avenue from 22nd St all the way to 42nd St, where the street was blocked off from traffic and opened up to pretty much anything, with everything from bikers to street performers to music acts and skateboarding competitions. It was fairly entertaining, except for four girls dressed in biohazard outfits who were crawling and tumbling down the sidewalks in super slow motion, acting oblivious to the people watching them with dumbfounded looks on their faces. Apparently it was some sort of performance art but I mostly found it creepy. They later unveiled t-shirts that said “Slow is the new sexy.”

Open Street Musical Bike, Uptown Minneapolis, June 12, 2011
A band being pulled behind a bike during Open Street on Sunday.
Open Street Herkimer Skateboarding Contest, June 12, 2011, Minneapolis
Ran into the Gioiellis at the Herkimer skateboarding contest at the Open Street event.
Alex and Hadley Glanzer at the Minnesota Zoo, June 12, 2011
Alex and Hadley at the Minnesota Zoo
Lauren Poulter Glanzer at the Dr. Seuss exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo, June 12, 2011
Lauren at the Dr. Seuss exhibit at the MN Zoo