My annual MLB predictions are back, and I’m coming off a very strong showing of correctly predicting the World Series. As you know, my favorite team since 1993, the Minnesota Twins, have lost an unfathomable world record 18 straight playoff games. If this blog’s predictions somehow affect the actual outcomes on the field, then I would be wise to choose the Twins to do well this time! But until they actually prove it and win a game, I just can’t. 

I think the Twins’ success will ride on their ability to keep Buxton and Donaldson healthy and in the lineup. If both hitters play in 130 games and are 100% healthy for a playoff run, I think the Twins could be World Series contenders. But if they are banged up and unable to regularly contribute, it will be a rough season for the Twins’ offense. People keep saying “this team will hit”, but I’m not so sure. They took a huge step back last year, and were atrocious innings 4 through 9. I’m a big fan of Nelson Cruz, but it’s asking a lot of a 40-year-old to carry an offense. I don’t think this is the offensive juggernaut people remember from 2019.

However, the pitching looks pretty solid. With a true ace in Kenta Maeda and a veteran back of the bullpen with Colome and Robles joining Rogers and Duffey, I think the Twins’ staff will be very good. I have my doubts that both J.A. Happ and Matt Shoemaker will pan out, and it will only be a matter of time before Dobnak, Smeltzer, or Thorpe wind back up in the rotation. But at least they have some depth there. 

If I am going with my gut, I really do think the White Sox are better than the Twins, but I’m predicting a Wild Card berth for the Twins. I think the AL Central could be tight. I’ve got it separated by 21 games first to last, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was even less. I personally think the Royals will be very respectable and the Tigers are clearly better than before.   

Anyway, here are my 2021 predictions.

NY Yankees9864 Atlanta10062
Tampa Bay*90728 NY Mets*867614
Toronto89739 Miami808220
Boston738915 Washington788422
Baltimore5610642 Philadelphia748826
AL CentralWLGB NL CentralWLGB
Minnesota9468 St Louis9171
Chicago WS*92702 Milwaukee83798
Kansas City847810 Chicago Cubs798312
Cleveland818113 Cincinnati709221
Detroit738921 Pittsburgh5211039
Houston8577 LA Dodgers10458
LA Angels82803 San Diego*99635
Oakland748811 San Francisco778527
Seattle709215 Arizona709234
Texas659720 Colorado6110143

As for the playoffs, I predict the Twins make it, but drop their play-in game to lose their 19th in a row. 

ALWC: White Sox over Rays
NLWC: Padres over Mets
ALDS: White Sox over Yankees, 3-2; Astros over Twins, 3-0
NLDS: Braves over Cardinals, 3-2; Dodgers over Padres, 3-1
ALCS: Astros over White Sox, 4-3; Braves over Dodgers, 4-3
WS: Braves over Astros, 4-1