I have a feeling there will be some interesting topics to write about in the coming weeks, but for now, I’ll have to entertain you all with another bulletpoint post full of brief news and notes.

• This weekend I was supposed to be heading to Kansas City on a secret bachelor party trip for a good friend, but due to my outrageous travel schedule in May, I backed out and will have to take the hit on the the tickets I purchased up-front for the NASCAR race and Twins/Royals game. Instead, I’ll be staying in Minneapolis and saving my pennies.

• Lauren and I are pounding through Cheers on streaming Netflix like no one’s business—126 episodes since mid-April! We’ve now seen the first five seasons and the first episode of Season 6, and I can’t stop watching. At first it was tough to watch so many episodes of a show without much of an arc outside the Sam/Diane relationship, but now I’m hooked. I had never watched the show before, so I don’t know yet what’s in store for the final six seasons. I just don’t see how Kirstie Alley can possibly be an upgrade over Shelley Long, but I guess it was Shelley’s decision to walk out on Cheers in 1987 to concentrate on her film career and to spend time with her newborn daughter. Think she regrets that move?

• The Twins are so abysmal right now it’s almost fun to root against them. The worse they do, the more drastic changes they’ll make, and maybe the better they’ll be down the road. 17-37… they’re three more games under .500 than they have wins through 54 games! They are on pace to go 50-112—the worst record in team history—and right now I’d be surprised if they win that many games. If you had drawn up an absolute worst-case scenario for the Twins in spring training, I doubt it could have been thought up this bad. Virtually everyone has underperformed or been injured, and I wouldn’t trust a single member of the bullpen with a 10-run lead. Again, I’m coping… as soon as they fall behind, we flip it over to PS3 and just keep watching more Cheers.

• It’s very difficult to find pants that fit me; even in the Twin Cities I have never seen a pair of jeans in a store my size. I always order the same exact pair over and over from JCPenney.com and wear them until they fall apart and disintegrate. But they must have discontinued my preferred 36×36 Levi Silver Tab baggy jeans; I couldn’t find them online anywhere! So I ordered three various other brands and sizes of jeans on amazon.com. I sure hope at least one of them works out. Just thought you all should know.

• I am a big fan of reviewing things on websites, as you can probably tell from our food review blog. But did you know I’ve written a good amount of hotel reviews on TripAdvisor? If you’re bored—really, really bored—go take a look at them.

• We are going on month #8 of attempting to obtain a car title for our 2008 Impala in the state of Minnesota. The process couldn’t possibly be more ridiculous unless they added some sort of poopy obstacle course in front of the Chanhassen DMV. Paperwork has been sent back and forth and back and forth, each time taking 4-6 weeks. After all is said and done, we’ll have a title that says “PRIOR SALVAGE.” Presumably, unless something else goes wrong.

• A quick plug for our side business, Afinia, which is selling hammocks and hammock stands like frickin’ hot cakes! We have almost doubled our all-time sales in the past week with dozens of hammock orders. Not sure why or how this is happening, but if you want in on the craze, here’s a link to our listings.

• The Shed Party Show was back on the air Tuesday night with Episode #12, now available for stream/download. The episode featured a live in-studio appearance by Luke Katuin of FNS Delivers, who made the announcement that FNS now delivers alcohol, a major breakthrough that I’m sure will see their business skyrocket. Luke brought us a free 6-pack of Sam Adams summer sampler on the show… what a guy! Manager Aaron Pratt also called into the show to talk about his role in this summer’s Chaska Valley Family Theater performance of Willy Wonka.

And here’s a clip of Luke of FNS surprising someone with a free delivery…