In 2021, Edie helped set up the Christmas tree in her spunky tie-dye shirt.

In 2020, well… Edie also helped set up the Christmas tree!

In 2019, the kids came to the downtown ConsumerAffairs office with me for a bit.

In 2018, I observed baby Edie in her car seat.

In 2017, John was eating some Tex Mex leftovers and perhaps sneaking some to a beagle.

In 2016, John tried out his new “helper tower” I constructed. It still stands to this day.

In 2015, John tested out the new ultra heavy-duty impenetrable dog crate I made out of 2x4s that weighed 100 pounds. Baxter would eat through it in days.

In 2014, baby John hung out on my lap.

In 2012, it seems I took a selfie with a fuzzy beard, perhaps right out of bed. What a classic memory!

There were no photos on this date in 2012, but in 2011, I received my new Texas license plates.

Yes, November 27 has been a good day over the past decade for building things and decorating. What might today bring?