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Good news, everyone. My pinky finger is going to be okay… in three months. You no doubt saw my gruesome photo from Saturday’s basketball mishap. I was in a splint for a couple days before going to the orthopedic surgeon Monday. He told me I was fortunate as the tendons in that finger were merely torn, not severed, so I should keep my pinky strapped to my ring finger and slowly exercise it. Maybe in three months I’ll have my full range of motion back. Anyway, the injury looked much worse than it is.

In more pleasant news, Lauren and I are in talks with a travel agent as we try to finalize our official honeymoon this winter. We are considering options all over the Caribbean as long as they’re all-inclusive. Some top choices include resorts in the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Jamaica, and Panama. Or we could go to Miami, but I hear there’s a trinity killer that highly resembles actor John Lithgow on the loose. If you have any advice or recommendations before we make a decision, let us know!

Finally, happy birthday wishes are in order today to father-in-law Steve Poulter, who turned the big 6-0 today. Also happy birthday to good friend, former DSU roommate, and aspiring math professor Chris Ahrendt who turns 27 today. And let’s not forget that tomorrow, the 19th, we should all wish my mother, Marcie Glanzer, a happy birthday! I’ll have to wait and see what the Krogman children come up with this time so I can copy their present.

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  1. I agree that a tropical vacation is a good idea…but wouldn’t it be even more fun if you brought your mother along? Just an idea…

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