As an avid, if not obsessive, baseball card collector in the early 90s, I managed to save thousands of baseball cards from 1987 to 1994.  After the strike, I think the whole business plummeted and I rarely bought a pack again.

My favorite brand was Topps, and back in those days the card designs were pretty pitiful.  You had your classic cards from the early days and then towards the late 90s things got out of control with the foil and holograms and actual pieces of jerseys embedded in the cards–anything the companies could think of to make card collecting popular again.

Well anyway, I was bored the other day so I went out to see if I could recreate some Topps designs.  Here’s what it would have looked like if I played from the Montreal Expos from 1986-1990!  I chose the Expos because of the colors I was wearing in the only picture I could find of myself posing in baseball gear.

For the expert, I’m sure you could easily identify which year is which.  And I may continue on soon with a few more from 1991-1995 or so.