Thursday Update: 112 Deposits, Y, Weekend

Our time at 112 has come to an end, but there’s still some unfinished business as we all received our security deposit statements in the mail yesterday.  We were disappointed to find out that we got barely half of our deposits back.  Some of the charges were legitimate, like our unpaid utility bill and a broken mirror, but a lot of it is complete BS.

For instance ,we were charged $230 for yard maintenance.   One time during the whole year that we lived there the landlord had someone stop by and mow our yard because the city complained that the grass was too long.  We had our mower stolen out of the garage early on and were unable to mow it right away.  So apparently, that one time someone came over and mowed our 10′ x 10′ lawn, we were charged $230.  He is obviously just pulling a number out of the air.  When we did mow, it took all of ten minutes with a push mower.  And if the landlord actually did pay someone $230 to mow that tiny square of grass and dirt one single time, then I want that lawn care guy’s job.

The other charge in question is $145 for the removal of garbage from the alley after we moved.  Yes, we did leave some garbage in the alley, but this would have shown up on the utility bill since Solid Waste is a function of the city.  So I called the City of Minneapolis and talked to a woman in the Solid Waste department.  “We show no charges for garbage removal,” they said, but to be sure, passed me over to the City Inspection Office.  “Hmm, we don’t show anything either, maybe it is included on the utility bill, let me transfer you,” said the inspector.  The third woman also confirmed that no, there was no charge.  So our landlord is apparently lying to us.  Unless he can show us a copy of the bill or receipt, we’ll have to take some sort of action.

Not that any of this comes as a surprise, seeing how the previous tenants complained to us about how they received so little of their deposit back.  It’s also little surprise because of my history with bad landlords or property managers.  I’ve had nothing but problems with every landlord I’ve ever had with the exception of Rick Mueller my last semester of college.  The thing is, they have your deposit money and they don’t want to give it back.  Nick and I never saw a penny of our Parkway Apartment deposit, and not only that, they demanded an extra $90 in addition to the deposit money.  Oh well, I think our new apartment seems much better.

Lauren and I have also been doing our share of exercise lately at the YWCA.  Finally, after months of procrastinating, we are making a good effort to work out as often as possible.  Our goal early on is to go four nights a week.  I have gone five of the first eight days so far, spending most of my time on the elliptical machines.  No weigh-ins yet.

The next few days should be entertaining.  Tonight, Jason is stopping by the apartment to hang out.  He’ll be the second guest since we got situated, as Patrick visited us on Monday night.  We might hit up happy hour at Green Mill and go back to the apartment and watch some Best Picture movies.  We’ve got 1950 through 1952 waiting for us.  Tomorrow evening is Andrew Kartak’s birthday party at Decoy’s in Hopkins, and Saturday is Sarah’s birthday party in St. Paul.

By the way, no more free internet at home!  The unsecured network is now secure.  We are okay with waiting it out until we get cable, but we aren’t going to do that until we get a new TV, which we were hoping to get with our security deposit refunds, but of course since we were screwed over, we can’t get one.


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  1. That’s a bummer about your deposit…I’m sure he was banking on you not following up on any of the charges…well, he doesn’t know who he’s messing with! Hope you get some of it back.

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