Almost time to head back to the office for another week of work.  Some people are lucky and don’t have to go to work tomorrow, like Lauren.  I am going to take advantage of driving solo and leave super early!  After work the next two nights, we have appointments to meet with potential wedding photographers.

This weekend was pretty low-key.  Friday night, Lauren and I stayed in and, as I mentioned before, watched Three’s Company and a Timberwolves game while drinking heavily.

Saturday, Lauren and three of her bridesmaids went dress shopping.  I went out and ran a few errands and renewed my Verizon contract for two more years and ordered a new phone, which was free for re-signing.  While I am generally happy with my Verizon service and coverage, it is a little more expensive than I’d like.

In the afternoon, I went to go see “The Wrestler,” which just opened locally this weekend.  I didn’t realize I’d have to stand in line outside the theater in the freezing cold for over a half hour.  When I got in the theater, there were maybe three total seats available.  Good thing I went solo!  I’d heard some awesome reviews of The Wreslter, and I would highly recommend it.  It’s a sad story of a popular wrestler from the 80’s (Mickey Rourke) who is now hard up for cash and still wrestling in small local venues and signing autographs to make ends meet.  He goes to work at a deli, tries to find love with a stripper (Marisa Tomei), and attempts to reunite with his daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) who he let down time and time again over the years.  After a heart attack in the ring, he has to retire, and is told if he ever wrestles again, he’ll die.  So, will he risk it or not?  I won’t ruin it.  But I will tell you Marisa Tomei gets naked a time or two.

Today, Lauren and I went to the wedding fair at the convention center.  It was actually a pretty good time, as I sampled a lot of cakes and other wedding foods.  I also got to go in one of those money booths where they turn on a fan and you have to grab cash as it flies around.  I caught $135, which unfortunately was not for me to keep, but to take off the cost of tuxedos at Savvi, which is where my groomsmen will now have to get their tuxes.  We even met up with my pals from the DJ company who were exhibiting.

The rest of today was spent watching the NFL playoffs and giving tours of our house to potential renters.  Lauren and I ate out for the first time in a long time and got Chinese from local favorite Evergreen, which is often mistaken for a flower shop.