Right now in central Texas we are absolutely at the weather equivalent of what drove us out of Minnesota in 2011, just reversed. That weather where it’s simply too harsh to do anything outside. Here’s a glimpse at the forecast for the next work week, which is identical to the past five days. 100+ degrees, 0% chance of rain.

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 2.54.11 PM


I knew going in that we were going to suffer through some hot times in the summer, but would be rewarded with mild winter weather. But we really shouldn’t have expected this, because on average Austin sees on 12 days of 100+ weather per year. In 2011 there were over 90 days of 100+ temps, and the last two years have been 40-50 such days, obviously way above average.

I usually don’t mind much because I spend all day indoors in an office with AC blasting so cold that it sometimes feels good to come out to the heat. But Friday was insufferable when I spent an hour on the blacktop of the office parking lot in 105-degree weather trying to get the pickup to start so I could drive home from work. I soaked through all my clothes and had to change just so I could ride home with a co-worker and not get his new car all sweaty. We eventually came back later that night and fixed the pickup and brought it home once it cooled off a tiny bit and traffic died down.

  • Lauren and I were witnesses at baby Lexi Mego’s baptism yesterday. Afterwards the proud parents took everyone out to lunch at Buca di Beppo.
  • In TV news, I am really into Shameless on Showtime right now, at the suggestion of several co-workers. We are also very engaged in the final season of Dexter, and are anxiously awaiting the debut of the final season of Breaking Bad a week from today!
  • The Twins are playing the Astros this weekend, meaning the game is blacked out for us on MLB.TV since Houston is our local team. Amazingly, the Astros are nowhere to be found on our local TV either. FOX Sports Southwest has been showing women’s college softball instead of the Astros! I know they’re a terrible team, but they can’t be that unpopular.
  • We are trying as hard as possible to not spend money on anything but necessities for a while. With my trip back for bachelor party festivities last month, Lauren’s upcoming trip for bachelorette party festivities, and September’s wedding trip to Minnesota, we’ll be doing a lot of staying in for a while.
  • I’m almost ready to submit my 90-second voice-over demo reel to a local talent agency and see what they think. If it sucks, which it probably does, I will start over and try again. I don’t really have any professional recording equipment so that’s definitely going to hurt my chances. I recorded about 12-15 different snippets of audio using different voices and reading different scripts to display a good range of talents.
  • In dental news, I get to have a permanent crown put on a tooth tomorrow afternoon. Hooray, more stupid expenses.
  • My 31st birthday is less than 3 weeks away, and since I share my birthday with aforementioned friend Brian Mego, he and I will likely do a joint celebration again this year. Last year was my 30th, so I did all the picking of activities. I told Brian whoever is turning the older age should get to pick each year, which of course would always be me.
  • Happy 80th birthday to Granny (Cleo Glanzer)!
Lauren and I joined Brian and Kristin Mego at Lexi’s baptism.