In just over a month, Lauren and I plan to embark on this road trip.

Road trip: Austin-Sioux Falls-Minneapolis-St LouisWith the Walshichetti wedding taking place in the Twin Cities in September, we have pretty much decided to drive it. Partially because of high airfare but also because road trips are fun and we can stop off at various places en route.

For this route we would drive straight north up to Sioux Falls where we could conceivably meet up with my family. The next day we would arrive in Minneapolis for the weekend of wedding festivities. And on the way home, rather than take the short route through KC, we would go out of our way through eastern Iowa where Lauren’s brother lives and then down to St. Louis to check a new ballpark off our list. And then we’d return to Austin.

And here’s the real kicker… we are thinking of bringing Baxter along. That would mean finding pet-friendly hotels in Sioux Falls and St. Louis, and leaving him with his cousin Eli Rosok in Minnesota. But it could be done.

Since moving to Texas 26 months ago, I have yet to drive back north. I envisioned us doing that frequently when we moved, but I quickly learned how boring of a drive it is while moving down. It is a pretty painfully boring drive through the Great Plains, but if we mixed it up and went through St. Louis, at least we’d drive through the Ozarks on the way home.

Anyway, just a crazy idea. But sounds like fun to me.