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Lauren and I decided we’d splurge and spend our wedding money on a real honeymoon vacation this winter. Sure, we took a mini three-day trip to the North Shore, but we wanted to do something a little more exotic. So, we worked with a travel agent and decided to go to Jamaica for a week in January! We’ll be staying at the all-inclusive Sandals Dunn’s River resort. We are very excited! (Except for the part where I use up 60% of my yearly vacation three weeks into the year.) The idea of visiting a country we’d never been to appealed to us, which is one reason we turned down Mexico. The Dominican Republics were another option we strongly considered. There are rumors (but nothing confirmed) that I will be attending the CES trade show in Las Vegas for work a week before that, so January could be a busy month away from home.

Home Improvement
This weekend was pretty low-key as Lauren and I made some changes to our apartment. We originally moved in a few days early and didn’t give the apartment management enough time to make some renovations, so we’re stuck with a filthy carpet and dirty walls. But Saturday we broke out the paint and got the living room looking nice. We also got rid of our monstrosity of a couch which I purchased on Craigslist for $50 two years ago. It was a decent couch, but was ungodly heavy as it had two metal recliners built in. It took 45 minutes to wedge it into our apartment in February, but Lauren and I managed to get it down to the trash in about 10 minutes on Saturday. Helped that we had gravity on our side this time.

I’m excited for our feast on Thursday! Lauren seems just as excited to prepare the hearty gravy-covered Thanksgiving feast as I am to eat it. We scoped out all the best Cub Foods deals yesterday and saved over $35 on our purchases. With Lauren’s office opening back up the day after Thanksgiving, we couldn’t make an out-of-state trip to see the Glanzers back on the farm or to Iowa to see Grandma Joyce. For anyone in town on Friday, we’re planning to have a little get-together at our place for some poker.

Mauer could be named MVP today! We’ll find out at 1:00 who wins the American League honor. If it’s Derek Jeter for some sort of lifetime achievement award I’ll be upset. Mark Teixeira also will surely get a few votes, but hopefully he and Jeter cancel each other out to some extent and Mauer runs away with it… Also, great weekend of football as the Vikings and Chargers both won very convincingly. If it weren’t for the Colts and Saints, I might be thinking Super Bowl… And the Timberwolves are on pace to go 8-74, which would make them the worst team in the history of the NBA. Luckily for them the Nets are 0-13 and on pace to go 0-82.


  1. Mauer is MVP. Twin for 1 more season. Boston is going to make a push. My guess 6yr/$119,000,000 contract. Twins 7/$125,000,000 if they can lock him down this season. Do I hear a poll for your website??????

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