Happy Birthday Mom!

Darn you, Krogmans!  I held out all day hoping Jordan would put her children up to something clever to wish Grandma Marcie a happy birthday, and then I was going to copy it.  But the day’s nearly over and I haven’t seen a damn thing on Jordan’s blog.  Hmm… she must have mailed a birthday greeting.

Well, here’s wishing Mom a happy 48th birthday!  I feel like I can mention her actual age here because everyone is always so shocked to hear my parents are just 20 years older than me.

Mom probably celebrated her milestone birthday (rare age where the first digit doubled equals the second digit) by hauling the mail to residents of Carpenter, South Dakota.  I imagine she and Dad are spending the evening breaking into the booze.  Better call the substitute mail carrier now!

Trust me, the Christmas present I’m making will make up for the lack of birthday present.


  1. Many thanks for the birthday greetings! I was waiting for something spectacular also, but I think Jordan had to work all day, so I’ll cut her some slack. Now you’ve got me wondering what to expect for Christmas! Sorry to say, but we’re not boozing it up. I had 4 (yes, 4) beers last weekend, so that’s my quota for the month.

  2. Yep, I worked from 10am to 10pm and then stayed afterwards to exercise for a bit. The kids are in bed and I’m pooped…no time for a funny b-day greeting this year. but we DID get her a nice gift. So ha!

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