Luke, MVP, Best Pictures

I just received a text message from good friend Luke Katuin, asking me if I would be able to rehearse Monday night.  Of course my reaction was “This must have been sent to the wrong person.  I’m not in a play.”  But Luke confirmed the text was for me.  He has cast me in some sort of improvisational role, as well as stagehand manager for a play he’s producing.  I haven’t decided if I will go along with this or not.  What do you think?  Is it time to return to my acting roots for the first time since DSU’s productions of Meet Me in St. Louis and Fiddler on the Roof?

Joe Mauer won the American League MVP on Monday, which wasn’t surprising since he had by far the best year of any player in the AL, but it was still suspenseful as many were lobbying for Derek Jeter to win the MVP as some sort of lifetime achievement award.  Thankfully Mauer destroyed the competition and became the second Twin in four years to win MVP.  One Japanese writer from Seattle voted for Miguel Cabrera ahead of Mauer, keeping him from being a unanimous selection.  Could Minnesota have another MVP this year with Brett Favre?

Happy belated birthday to good friend and local music up-and-comer Travis Bolton, who turned 27 on Monday.  And happy birthday today to co-best man and Nebraska native Jason LaPlant, who turns 27 today.  Late November is by far the busiest birthday period of the year amongst people I know.  That and early February.

Back to Best Picture Project
For those of you who had some interest in the project, I recently posted my two latest Best Picture reviews over on my blog for that project.  Be sure to read up on 1960’s The Apartment starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, and 1964’s My Fair Lady starring Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison.

In Memoriam
It’s been a somber week here at the office as we all mourn the very unexpected passing of our VP of Marketing and Sales, Mike Laven.  I reported indirectly to Mike for four years as he was my boss’s boss.  Last night was the “celebration of life” for Mike in Stillwater.  He was in a wheelchair for most of his life and was a star wheelchair athlete.  On occasion we would have lunch together at Na’s Thai Cafe.  He’ll certainly be missed around the office.

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  1. Two things. First off, the Rangers had 3 MVPs in a 4 year span and have 1 career playoff win, so obviously those dont translate to success. Second, give Jason a hug and kiss for me on his big day. Don’t use too much tounge though, you know how he hates the French.

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