Band Anyone?
Over the last few years, Walsh and I have often discussed how fun it would be to start up a jazz band of sorts.  I would like to break out the trumpet again someday.  Walsh is a trombone master.  Lauren can do some vocals (at least after working up the courage after a drink or two).  We just need a few more instruments and we can get a band going!  I’m kinda halfway serious about it… who’s interested?

This year’s Thanksgiving was spent with just me and the wife at the apartment.  With Lauren working Friday we couldn’t go far, but we had fun anyway.  Lauren slaved over a 22-pound turkey and all the other dishes all day.  I helped out a little with the potatoes!  We ate dinner around 6 and it was pretty damn delicious!  I don’t think I gained six pounds over the course of the meal like two years ago.  Wish we could have gone back to Carpenter, but we’ll be back soon enough for Christmas.

A Poulanzer Thanksgiving Feast
A Poulanzer Thanksgiving Feast


Rest of the Weekend
My Friday was pretty productive at home.  I spent two hours scrubbing the kitchen in the morning and played lots of MLB The Show 09 in the afternoon.  That night we watched another Best Picture, 1965’s The Sound of Music, which was reviewed on my Best Picture blog.
Saturday I got a little too couped up with my third straight day spent in the apartment and figured we should go out and do something at night, so Lauren and I met up with Walsh (but not an ill Sarah) for some bowling at Memory Lanes.  Despite my finger injury I managed three good scores ranging from 124-151.  Earlier that day I was so bored I started watching the first season of Family Ties on Netflix on PS3.  I also watched Pineapple Express which was even more hilarious than expected.  And today it was football all day.  Will be an interesting week at work now that colleague Josh has left for a new career in web development.  We’ll see if/how my role changes.

I suppose happy birthday wishes are in order for sister Jordan Nicole Krogman, who turned 25 today.  I understand she spent the day working a long shift at the hospital (or wherever it is she works).  Tomorrow is Grandma Bell’s birthday.  I understand she will be celebrating with lots of booze and illegal fireworks.  Tomorrow is also the two-year anniversary of the day I met Lauren for dinner at Chapati Indian Restaurant!  We can’t do much celebrating tomorrow though as I agreed to be in Luke’s play, with rehearsal starting tomorrow.