Christmas Party Highlights Weekend

Friday night was the annual company Christmas party, and I was very excited to go. This year it was held at Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit in Minneapolis, which of course is the popular German restaurant and bar. We were treated to liter mugs of the finest German beers and a buffet of delicious foods covered in heavy gravy. Some of the highlights included the snuff springboard thingy where they shoot smokeless tobacco up your nose. Just about everyone tried that and most people’s responses were hilarious. One employee successfully completed the meterbrat challenge, which is of course eating a one-meter bratwurst and two sides. The party continued at a downtown hotel before calling it a night. Yes, this is the PG version of the night’s events. I don’t need to get in any trouble at work!

Shinichi Yamaguchi snuff German bar Minneapolis
Shin doesn't know what he's getting himself into...

Saturday, my sister and her photography partner were in town to do some Christmas shopping and wanted to meet up with me and Lauren for dinner. After some Mexican deliciousness at Don Pablo’s, we spent lots of time in Target which is still a big deal for some South Dakotans who don’t have 17 Targets within 20 minutes of home! The girls were of course a little intimidated by big city driving and apparently took the safe route and got a hotel in distant Medford.

Sunday we met Tim and Kate in the late afternoon at Green Mill and watched some football. At night we watched the Vikings game—by far their ugliest of the year—and then Dexter. I cannot wait for next Sunday’s night’s season finale! This might rival Season 2 as the best season so far. John Lithgow should be an Emmy candidate for his role as the creepy Arthur Miller. So anyway, after three straight days of eating out, we’ll be staying in this week and getting back to the gym.

We’ve been continuing on with the Best Picture project, so go visit that blog for the latest reviews from the late 60s! I also created a quiz on Sporcle that involves our Best Picture project… see how you stack up!

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