Faribault, Sideaches, Laughton, Emmys

Faribault Fest

Saturday, Lauren and I made the trip south to Faribault where Walsh, Sarah, and Roscoe hosted the first (and presumably final) Faribault Fest.  With a good crew on hand, we spent the afternoon playing bocce ball and bean bags while tipping back some keg beer despite record low temps that barely cracked 60.  At least I wasn’t sweating!  After some grilling, we headed down to the Rice County Fair where we rode some carnival rides.  The night ended with a trip to Lori Ann’s Bar where we mingled with the regulars.  Sunday morning we ate at Country Kitchen before heading back to Minneapolis.  We all had a great time.  Here’s to the Walshichettis for throwing a top-notch get-together!

Help Me Diagnose My Latest Medical Problem

Last night I decided to get some exercise and took a walk/jog around the lake.  As usual, I had to stop a number of times to rest because of a really bad sideache.  I used to get sideaches all the time in grade school whenever we had to run for P.E. but hadn’t really had any such thing flare up since the early 90s.  Now all of a sudden I get them all the time.  It’s like the whole left side of my abdomen cramps up, sometimes so badly that I have to come to a complete stop and lay down in the grass until the pain subsides.  Should I be taking in more fluids?  Stretching better?

Charles Laughton Lives

It’s been well over a year now since I switched my blogging format from the ryanglanzer.com Daily Log to this WordPress blog.  I was reviewing some statistics for this blog today and was surprised to find that a very large portion of the traffic gets here by searching for deceased actor Charles Laughton, star of 1935’s Best Picture winner Mutiny on the Bounty, which I reviewed last winter as part of our project of watching all the Best Picture winners.  I get about 10 unique visitors per day who are searching the terms “Charles Laughton” or “Charles Laughton pics” or “Charles Laughton on the beach” or something like that.

Emmy Nominees

Last week the Emmy nominees were revealed, and I was very happy to see most of my favorite shows being up for various awards.  Dexter is up for Outstanding Drama Series and Michael C. Hall is up for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his role of Dexter Morgan.  Of course the show probably won’t win being up against some stiff competition like Madmen and House.

In the Comedy categories, The Office, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, and surprisingly even Flight of the Conchords are all up for Outstanding Comedy Series.  I would be happy if any of those won, but will probably be rooting for How I Met since we’re so enamored with the series right now as we watch the first few seasons on DVD.


  1. Huh… I’m kind of impressed!.

    You see, I’m a longtime Laughton fan and I probably searched & read your post on Oscars back when you published it, but I’m (nicely surprised) to see that I’m no the only one searchin for him on the web & blogosphere on a regular basis.

    So he lives, yeah ;D

  2. This has absolutely nothing to do with consuming a gallon plus of beer and several mixers the day/night before you ran. That being said: I have to guess that it is one of the following:

    1. The pain may be caused by contraction of the liver or spleen, which squeeze extra oxygen-carrying red blood cells into the circulation. Although there does not appear to be much muscle in the capsule of the spleen, there is direct & indirect evidence that its size does change with exercise. This auto-transfusion increases exercise capacity but the associated pain may be severe, relieved only by rest. A plausible mechanism for the pain is that high internal pressure in the liver or spleen restricts blood flow, causing hypoxia.
    2. Diaphragmatic Ischemia
    3. Imbalances of the thoracic spine
    4. Irritation of the parietal peritoneum

    My suggestion for a solution are as follows:

    * Improve fitness
    * Strengthen the diaphragm by using exercises such as those that aid respiratory rehabilitation[4]
    * Strengthen core muscles (abdominals, lower back, obliques)
    * Limit consumption of food and drink two to three hours before exercising (in particular, drinks of high carbohydrate content and osmolarity (reconstituted fruit juices))
    * Drink water beforehand to prevent muscle cramps
    * Warm up properly
    * Gradually increase exercise intensity when running
    * Exhale when the left foot hits the ground, and inhale when the right foot hits the ground
    * Run on soft surfaces

  3. Secondly, I did have a spleen injury after snowboarding this winter, and lots of water did seem to help, to second Cooney’s reco.

  4. Walsh beat me to it…I looked this up online and found that side aches can be caused by the internal organs bouncing up and down, along with other things. These are some things they suggested:
    Strengthen the stomach muscles.
    Avoid eating large meals or drinking large amounts of liquid before running.
    Periodically take deeper breaths while running.
    Periodically purse your lips and forcefully inhale and exhale.
    Lean forward or back, left or right to change the pressure on your stomach muscles.
    Change the foot you land on during exhalation.
    It seems that if you exhale when you land on your right foot, you put added stress on the liver and they suggest landing on your other foot and seeing if that helps. Also, build up your stomach muscles. Try exhaling like you’re blowing out a birthday candle. Either that, or don’t run!!

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