Cold Friday in July


In 2009, I’ve found I’ve been constantly surprised and/or disappointed with whatever the current weather is. This winter, whenever it snowed a significant amount, it was between 3 and 4pm, just as rush hour was starting, meaning plows didn’t have a chance to get out before traffic hit. We had that one record-setting day in April where it got over 100 degrees. We had a couple rainy days in the spring, but so far this year I have not heard a single rumble of thunder or seen a single flash of lightning, except for once way off in the distance at night I saw some lightning flickering. And today, July 17, the current temp in Chanhassen is right around 57, a record cold high temp for this day.

Before the summer is over, I am hoping to see a streak of days where the temperature is in the 90s consistently, and at least once I want there to be a severe thunderstorm that actually hits Minneapolis. Every big storm system this year has missed us to the north or south by the smallest of margins. Whatever happened to those awesome flash floods that hit Valleyfair once or twice a summer?

But the strangest thing about the unusual weather this year is the extreme inaccuracy of our local weathermen. I don’t think they’ve got a single day right this year. When they say it will be hot and sunny, it’s been overcast and cool. When they predict rain, the sun is beating down. If they don’t know what it’s going to do, it would be nice if they’d admit it and not report something else. It’s times like these that I miss Jay Trobec, Dave Dedrick, and yes, even Shawn Cable from Kelo-Land.

Quick Week in Review

Monday I took a sick day and during the afternoon wandered down to the local theater and saw Bruno, which was hilarious but in my opinion fell short of Borat. Also it is interesting to see the type of odd people that go to a movie at 2:15pm on a Monday.

Tuesday night Lauren and I watched some of the MLB All-Star Game, but were even more interested in watching How I Met Your Mother on DVD. I just couldn’t get interested in the All-Star festivities this year and I’m not sure why. My favorite part, as always, is the player introduction before the game. And also I’m not sure why that’s my annual highlight.

Wednesday Nick invited a group of us over to his Chaska townhouse to a grill-out. Jason, Jeff, Liz, Lauren, and I were the guests of honor. We wound up spending the evening watching 650-Pound Virgin on TLC.

This weekend is Faribault Fest at the Walshichetti residence. Plans are to take in the Rice County Fair and play yard games. I am also excited to catch up with Roscoe once again. Later next week it sounds like Mom and Jordan could be paying us a visit in Minneapolis, so we’ll be anxiously awaiting their arrival.


  1. Oh, those SD weathermen love their jobs…I swear Jay Trobec will have an aneurism during a storm warning one of these days. And Shawn Cable is back on a competing station following a disgraceful exit from Kelo…I like to watch his weather the best, he’s always right on! Wish you could get some of our rain…it rains like every other day.

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