Directly Effecting Outcomes

I received a comment from a loyal reader after my last blog entry, telling me to focus less on the romantic Lauren stories and revert back to the old beer drinking tales. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten in too much trouble over the years repeating things that shouldn’t have been repeated, even though they made for excellent reading. It has taken almost five years, but I’ve finally agreed to keep mind-boggling Patrick quotes, drunken Jason antics, awkward Nick stories, and other friends’ most embarassing moments to a minimum. I’m more than happy to share my own downfalls still!

Biiiiig Three!!!!
Photo by Elizabeth Burke.

On Monday night, I had the season tickets from work and invited the L Gang—Lauren, Liz, and Luke. The Lynch brothers were also there for an event thanking volunteers. Despite the pitiful loss, we had a good time, and afterwards Lauren and I headed over to the Marriott where Luke works for a couple drinks and appetizers free of charge. Luke also gave me one of those rubber mats you put under the beer taps.

Last night there was talk of heading back out to the Metrodome for a Twins-Athletics game with the Rosoks, but after enduring a painful loss Monday night, we decided to stay in and watch the game from home. As usual, I picked the wrong game to attend, which has been the story of the year, as the Twins destroyed the A’s 13-2. The Twins are just 7-9 at home games I’ve attended this year, despite their overall home record being a very impressive 45-22. So when I don’t go, they’re 38-15. And as you all know, I have a direct effect on the outcome of games.  Oh, by the way, Lauren and I have now seen every American League team this season except the Indians, of all teams!

I also rolled up my sleeves and did an hour’s worth of dishes. I don’t know how we dirty up so many dishes. Most of them were mine and Lauren’s from just the last week. I tried counting individual pieces that I washed—cups, spoons, forks, odd measuring devices, tupperware, plates—and was in the 120’s when I lost track. I finished a hair before 10:00, soaked head to toe with sweat. Clearly my prescribed medicine has not taken effect yet. I was told it needed at least a full week before the body would start to respond.

This Sunday we’re having a little birthday celebration at the house for me! I’m of course turning 26 Saturday, but will be out DJing a wedding dance in Jordan—the town, not my sister. There will be a keg and lots of healthy vegetables! Everyone is welcome!

Also, longtime DSU friend and fellow Twin Cities resident Matt Hanson would like to invite everyone out to see his popular country band North Gone South this weekend. Here’s the rundown, straight from the NGS newsletter:

This week is jam packed with country dancing fun! NGS will be at GB Leighton’s Pickle Park Thursday night for their first “A” list venue. With a huge stage, awesome staff, and of course your favorite country band, this is one you won’t wanna miss! Friday night the group heads down to the Hopkins American Legion. Anyone living down there knows it is a great local music venue. Saturday, NGS will be back on the road headed North to the Chisago Roadhouse. The Roadhouse is another “A” list club and hosts some of the biggest names in regional country music.

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