The weekend is nearly here, but unlike the last couple weekends, there will be minimal rest and relaxation.  Friday is the big day at work for me and Josh.  The new website we’ve spent weeks working on could be completed with one last full day of work.  If all goes well, we might see a new site by tomorrow afternoon!

I have to take off work a little early to get ready for the Krueger wedding in Minnetonka/Eagan.  Lauren’s friend Amanda is getting married in the afternoon, and I agreed to DJ the dance.  As of now, we still haven’t decided how to work things out.  I’d have to drive to work in Chanhassen, come 21 miles back to Minneapolis to get Lauren, go back out to Minnetonka for the wedding, then drive through rush hour traffic all the way to Eagan to set up for DJing.  I hope Amanda isn’t too crushed, but it makes far more sense for me to skip her wedding and just go straight to set up for the dance.

Saturday morning, Lauren and I are going to pick up my special birthday keg!  Since I DJ that night, we have to push the celebration back till Sunday, which poses a problem: how do we chill the keg for 24 hours?  We can’t pick it up on Sunday, so we have to find a way to keep it cold.  Luckily, Luke works at the Marriott downtown and agreed to put it in a big walk-in cooler overnight.  He also invited us over to try out the breakfast buffet free of charge.

Then at noon it’s off to Jordan for another one of those crazy wedding dances that start at 2pm with the hope of it lasting all hours of the night.  We’ll have to take off around 12:30 to get out there and set up on time.  It really sucks when wedding couples try to have their receptions start so early.  No one wants to sit around for ten hours, especially me, especially on my birthday!  But I was assured double pay, so that softens the blow a little.

Finally, Sunday I can relax a little.  Lauren has promised to cook up a delicious breakfast, and then Jason and Brad de los Santos are coming over ahead of the rest of the crowd to get started on that keg.  As of now we really have no idea who to expect as guests.  Not even Sarah and Walsh can confirm as they’ll be coming back from another South Dakota trip.  Whatever mixed group of friends stops by, I’m sure it will be a good time.  And if no one shows up, I guess we’ll have the beer to ourselves!