This thing is only gonna be workdays, sorry to disappoint. With my computer stuff in the shed, and a real designation of the shed being my place of work and not some crazy carnival funhouse, I am hardly touching a computer on the weekends!

1. Today’s Random Thought

We watched all 4 NFL divisional playoff games over the weekend and holy crap—all four were amazing. 4 games, 4 walk-off wins. Personally, I have no real horse left in the race. It was more about who I was cheering against than who I was cheering for. I was happy to see Brady get sent packing, and although I also greatly dislike the 49ers, was happy to see Rodgers’ season end prematurely. Sorry to all my KC friends, but I have to cheer for Bengals-Rams at this point. KC has been pretty spoiled for the past 7 years between the Royals 2 World Series appearances and probably 3 Chiefs Super Bowls. Enough!

2. Weekend Accomplishment

It was a doozy! I have long wanted to move the trampoline to the back corner of the yard, but was always too lazy to devote basically a day to disassembling it, moving it, and putting it back together. It was too big to fit between the old tool shed and patio overhang. Finally on Saturday I just bit the bullet and devoted several hours to the project. It is now nicely out of the way and the yard is wide open again.

The yard in much better shape after the weekend.

3. Song in My Head

Austin band Fastball rose to fame in the late 90s with their smash hit “The Way”, but that’s not their hit that’s been running through my head today. I remember hearing this for the first time on the radio and thinking it was some sort of joke. It didn’t sound like a pop song at all. But it is a little catchy.

4. Kid Update

Lauren took Edie for a haircut and manicure on Saturday. And then she jumped on the trampoline and it was static central.

5. Weekend TV Viewing

Outside of football, it was mostly back to binge-ing Succession on HBO. I am surprised how great of a show that is. The Minnesotan character Tom Wamsgams seems to steal the show for me. This scene had me laughing.