Today’s Random Thought

We’ve had a cleaning lady coming over every other Thursday for the past 7 years. She usually spends about 3-4 hours scrubbing every room of the house. In order for her to come over and clean, though, we first have to spend about an hour picking up just for her to be able to clean. She’s not here to pick up every last toy off the floor, do dishes, and sort through piles of junk mail. Just seems funny that we’re always scrambling to clean for the arrival of the cleaning lady. That’s what we did yesterday, and then she called in sick. All that cleaning for nothing!

Today’s Song in My Head

Well, how can I not feature a Meat Loaf song here after he passed away last night of COVID! Some will say “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” or “I Would Do Anything For Love” were the biggest hits, but I contend the best was “For Crying Out Loud”. Glad I got to see him perform a couple times (2003 in Minnesota, 2012 in Austin). And of course meet him in 2016, and appear on Oprah. And then there was the famous half-hour Cameo.

Yesterday’s Accomplishment

While I did not haul any lumber or replant any plants like the days prior, I did find a missing stocking cap and make a trip to the gym over break. At work I published two new automated email campaigns. None of those things are very impressive.

Kid Update

I left Edie alone in the shed for a few minutes and she sprayed a ton of cologne all over and ate a bunch of Airheads. But ain’t she cute?

Yesterday’s TV

I’m giving a fair shake to the new season of Dexter. The first four seasons of that show back in the mid-00s were great! The last four were garbage. But this reboot actually has some promise. The title of the second episode is “Storm of F***”, umm… ok.