NASCAR Housewarming Party
Friday night Lauren and I visited Andrew and Amanda’s new house in Brooklyn Center. The theme of their housewarming party was “dress as a NASCAR fan,” which can be interpreted in a number of ways. The winning costume of the night was Steve’s bodysuit, but Lauren and I also received some praises. I made a t-shirt that said “Carl Edwards 99 4 Prez!” on the front and “Death to Max Papis” on back. I of course had to look up names of some NASCAR drivers. I gave Lauren an 11 tattoo, the number of Denny Hamlin, who she found to be the best looking of the drivers. Here we are celebrating Andrew and Amanda’s new house with really cheap cigars.

Jim, Dave, Josh, Patrick, Steve, Andrew, and me at Andrew's housewarming party.
Jim, Dave, Josh, Patrick, Steve, Andrew, and me at Andrew's housewarming party. Yes, I now realize my zipper was down the whole time!

DJ Review
Saturday night it was off to the Profile where I DJ’d another dance. The couple was nearly a celebrity look-a-like duo! The bride reminded me of a young Angela Martin from The Office, while the groom looked a little like John C. Reilly. It was a very difficult crowd to read at first, but as the night went on and the alcohol started flowing, everyone loosened up and the dance floor was pretty packed until closing time at 1am. I played almost nothing but requests all night. Nothing real exciting to report from this dance other than it’s my last time DJing until October 16.

Emmy Awards
Being a big TV fan, I’ve long been looking forward to the Emmy Awards, which took place last night on ABC. Very rarely do any of my favorite shows ever win. Dexter, The Office, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and House were all shut out of the big awards. It’s easy to predict who will win each category—pick the show/actor I’ve never heard of. I know a lot of people who adore Big Bang Theory, but the few episodes I’ve seen were not good. I don’t understand how Jim Parsons beat out Larry David, Steve Carell, and Alec Baldwin, or even perennial winner Tony Shalhoub for Best Actor in a Comedy. Lauren make a bold, accurate prediction that Glee would be the Avatar of the Emmys, lots of hype but few awards, and she was correct.

Looking Ahead
It’s another night of softball tonight. The team will try to rebound after losing 17-7 and 6-1 last week. My left wrist is doing fine after taking a scorching line drive last week. This weekend Hot Lunch Mangold is in town to visit, and a Twins/Rangers game may be on the schedule. Other than that we don’t have much for Labor Day plans. Be sure to read our food blog this month, because Red Lobster is sending us $10 gift certificates to hand out to readers! Maybe you’ll be a lucky winner.