Today’s Random Thought

It was supposed to be a very wintry day today, with warnings of sleet, wintry mix, maybe even some snow accumulation. It was said to be hysteria as shoppers raced to stock up on essentials and firewood, not surprising given what happened last February. The school sent an email home saying to watch for cancellations. And now, here at 7am Thursday, the forecast calls for 0% chance of any precip today, though the temp is in the mid-30s. I was ready for another little dose of snow flurries! I don’t even have the space heater turned on in the shed and it’s comfortable out here.

Today’s Song in My Head

Not sure why I started singing this song or how it seeped into my head. What an odd song. A one-hit wonder if there ever was one!

Workplace Wisdom

You’ll sound a lot smarter and more professional in meetings if you say dates like “2-1” instead of “February 1st”. “Diane, I’ll need that fax by 2-1”, or “We’re aiming to launch by 3-15.” That’s literally saying “three-fifteen”. It’s just what savvy businessfolk do!

Yesterday’s Accomplishment

I continued with my backyard work by digging up a bunch more cast iron plants and replanting them. I’m clearing out a corner of the yard that had always been inaccessible so the trampoline can be out of the way. The shed is where the trampoline was.

Yesterday’s TV

I’m very far behind the times. To this point in my life I know nothing of the Harry Potter universe. I have read the first couple chapters of one book and that’s it. So, stumbling through HBO Max the other day, I thought what the hell, I’ll check out the original movie from 2001. Now granted, it took me four sittings to finish the movie because I kept falling asleep on the couch, but I made it through.